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ATGATT for Big Blokes

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by diomac, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Myself and a mate are on the bigger size and are having trouble finding decent fitting riding gear, in particular boots for wide feet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for gear brands or types that are more lard friendly?

  2. I have extremely wide feet and always have trouble getting shoes to fit for width. I have alpinestars boots in size 48 (normally a shoe 45 or so) as they were the only boots I get get into. They are plenty wide enough for me and surprisingly aren't too big elsewhere.
  3. Go see Phil at Hi-side, he will take care of you :wink:
  4. Would you happen to have some contact info mate?
  5. Yeah I always have that boot problem as well, most boots are made for skinny people.

    My choice of long leg boots is generally very restricted (although just about any of the shorty boots will fit).

    You might want to consider some custom made boots... perhaps Medal boots?
  6. Try the Rossi's, broad fit and very comfortable.
  7. True - although I've fallen off in them three times, and all three times I sprained an ankle pretty badly. The most recent one, I split the bone of my big toe right down the middle. They're comfy, but shit protection.
  8. Anyone know how wide the Joe Rocket Men's Super Street Boots are? I am guessing they are pretty narrow..
  9. I think I'm in your same demographic.

    I have a pair of Sidi Vertigos. Size 46. They are great boots - I usually leave them on all day when I ride to work. Not cheap though.

    Most of my other shoes are 44/45, including my good dress black shoes (which are 44 EE wide I think)

    Now one piece or two piece leather suits seem a little harder to find. The Teknic size 64 did fit...just. As long as I was on my bike. Standing was uncomfortable.

  10. big as in tall or big as in fat?