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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Paulstar3, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. what about your pillion?

    I'm pretty unrelenting about ATGATT especially after spending two weeks in bed and 2 more weeks limping after a crash in thongs........

    I'm interested to know if other ATGATT have a minimum standard of gear for anyone wanting to pillion (considering they may not be a rider themselves)

    I have my opinion, lets hear what you guys think :busting:

    EDIT: my ATGATT = leather pants, jacket, back protectorm, gloves, boots and helmet.
  2. in all practicalities most pillions (if they are not riders) would not have back protection or leather pants, but I would at least insist on full coverage of skin including gloves and covered shoes.
  3. Err, why would a pillion need to wear any less?
    I'd say answer is quite obvious.
    But I've seen pillions in thongs, shorts and t-shirts behind a fully protected rider quite a few times.
    Maybe it was a last minute passenger but geez, we all know about Murphy's Law!!
  4. Ask yourself this;

    Got someone you care about on the back.
    You f-up a corner, run wide, hit oil, whatever, and deck out.
    Your fine because you were ATGATT
    She's totally fukd because she only had your old shitty jacket on, old helmet and thin gloves.
  5. Fully covered, and gloves at least.
  6. if they are a rider themselves it's is there choice what they wear (i believe by holding a license you should have a understanding of the vehicle and risks), if they aren't a rider then I believe I have a duty of care to kit them out in full riding gear.
  7. Their skin, their choice. I'll strongly suggest the pillion wear all gear, but I'm not going to impose my views on that person.

    So yeah, pretty much in line with what I ask of the government.
  8. I won't take a pillion whose not kitted out properly, rider or not.
  9. Yeah, I pretty much agree with you guys. Some say that you yourself spend more time on the bike / hit the track so you need more protection (more likely to need it) but yeah, I just don't feel right about pillion-ing without ATG on the pillion too.
  10. Although I understand this line of thinking, my view is that it's my bike, my ride so my standard of what I'll allow to ride with me.
    If someone lets you pillion with them then they should determine under what conditions not the passenger IMO.
  11. I think if the person is a rider themselves, they can make the choice. If they are not, the rider should. If i decided to hop onto my mates bike with just a helmet and gloves based on the conditions of the trip etc etc fine, I know the risk.

    When you get your female friends jumping up an down to ride pillion, i think thats a different story.
  12. Friggin weak bunch. You've got a pillion with no gear? How bout you give em your stuff for the trip?

    Chrissake, I'm more worried about the passenger than my own skin, so if leathers are in short supply guess who's getting the kit?
  13. Agree'd.

    My pillions (not the first few times, but for the past year since I've been fully licenced) are made to wear all the gear.

    Helmet, gloves, pants, boots, jacket and if that means I have to go without a jacket, or all of my gear (except helmet... always wear helmets!), then so be it. I put them before myself, as it's my vehicle and my responsibility.
  14. "Mr and Mrs x. Yeah don't worry, I'm fine. Council wants you to go to street y and peel your dead daughter off the road though."

    'Their skin, their choice' is a stupid argument. All the blame (and guilt!!!) will come down to the rider, whether the off was actually their fault. Your pillion is saying that with the assumption that you won't crash.**

    **Your chances of crashing or coming off are higher with a pillion too, so if anything, you should be both be wearing MORE safety gear.

    So instead of asking for the ignorant (if non-rider) pillion's opinion of whether they want to be safe(r) or stupid, why not just ask yourself if you could live with the blame and guilt if you put them in hospital or worse from them sliding down the road with no protective clothing.

  15. Ditto
  16. exactly. I can cope with paying for my own mistakes.
  17. Meta girl at the youth hostel in Cairns a few? (bloody lot) years ago. Got talking and offered to take her for a ride up the hill to atherton She had stuff to do so I said i'd pick her up in an hour.
    Got there and a goddess walks out in a bikini carrying a helmet.
    Decisions decisions. Ah well I couldnt keep my mind on riding if she was dressed like that and snuggles up close. So I said go put some clothes on and we'll go. Se said,"yes I suppose it was a bit silly" came back with jeans and boots and a jacket on. She still looked good, and it was still a bit harder to concentrate with her snuggled up close.

    wat was I talking about?
    arr yeh, Pillions need protection at the least, By that, I mean jeans, covered shoes that wont fall off in a prang, so no uggboots or flying boots, (the favourites of the early 80's), long sleeves and gloves if you've got some. Then ride appropriately for their protection level. the less they have, the more extreme your defensive technique.

    In an ideal situation they would have the same level of gear you have or better, that usually doesnt happen with casual pillions
  18. Soooooo, what happened at the top of the hill?

  19. [-( :wink:
  20. +1 8-[