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ATGANFI - All The Gear And No F**ken Idea

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Deadsy, Dec 8, 2010.

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  1. I am posting this here because the squid and ATGATT threads have taken off again, as is typical of this time of year. All credit belongs to Boris Mihailovic.

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  2. ROTFL.
    Aw, Thank you. That's gold. I hadn't read that before. I do sometimes disagree with Boris violently, but when he's right, he's really right.
  3. It's rare that I see anything by Boris that I can be bothered to read, mainly because AMCN's content is mostly cheap syndicated crap that I refuse to pay for, but that was actually rather good :LOL:.
  4. Love it! rofl
  5. PMSL.....

    'but when he's right, he's really right.'''.........+10000000000000
  6. something something
  7. Yep, good read...

    ...but how does being taken out by a SMIDSY soccer mum reversing out of driveway make you an imbecile rider worthy of being tarred with the ATGANFI crowd?

  8. Meh.
    He's right that lots of people in full gear don't know how to ride.
    He can undoubtedly ride better than me.
    His spiel still makes me think he's a wanker.
  9. that's what I was thinking.
  10. I think he's referring to the people who can't take responsibility when the crash is in fact their fault, and will present an excuse to anyone who'll listen.
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  11. Within it sits the presumption that if you do wear gear you can't be a very good rider, and if you don't wear the gear you're some how better. Both very wrong assumptions and a message I wouldn't support.

    Having said that, hosing down wannabes has got to be one of life's better pleasures :D
  12. 2 people get rear ended at the lights at low speed and face plant as a result.
    One is a complete failure as a rider yet is wearing full gear.
    The other the best rider ever in his sunday best thongs, footy shorts, wife beater and open face helmet.

    The first guy is still one up.
  13. You don't think that he's having a dig at the Sunday rose's ...aka the Rossi wannabees...

    see them all the time... shiniest bike, latest and most expensive clobber money can buy - all without a scratch or wear mark, biggest chicken strips this side of the michelin production line...sipping latte's......
  14. I think the bolded word covers it.
  15. Yeah i think he is. They've spent all their money on looking good instead of being good.
  16. Yeah, so I don't see the presumption that gear = crap rider and no gear = good rider. A crap rider is crap no matter what they are wearing.

    Taking total responsibility for your riding (this means mistakes too) and not relying purely on what he calls passive safety gear is a good message imo.
  17. Yeah I found it out, the whole world suddenly tilts to one side without warning. I didnt do anything wrong.
  18. .
    When I read this section of the article I was more than a tad annoyed as he presents a situation that any incident you're involved in is your fault. Thanks for coming. Then a clearer head than mine points out the key which makes me happy. I'm no master of two wheels but I know that in the two offs of merit in my time one was my entirely my fault and the other my only fault was giving the truck driver far more credit than he deserved.
  19. I get the impression if we could all ride as skilfully as him, protective gear wouldn't be necessary. How do you get that good? To reduce the chance of coming off the bike to -10% would be awesome.
  20. Not true, the better rider would have used spider sense and moved laterally out of the way as the car passed and the warp back ready to race the next wanna be rider from the lights.
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