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ATAGATT - So I ate a faceful of oil and road.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gsxxer, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. ********PICS on page 2

    I was going to add this to the summertime thread but I thought it would be better to have it separate as a warning. Its a hot, muggy day. I was tempted to dress down a little. Luckily better judgement prevailed because I had to traverse this little beauty of a corner.

    View attachment 3765

    I had set up the throttle and adjusted my weight before the corner, in fact I quite like this corner, I often go much faster. Unfortunately I didnt see the giant oil spill until my front wheel was about to cross the middle of the corner. So at about 70kmh the front tyre just gives up grip, and down I go for a casual road tumble.

    Damage report: I was wearing a shift leather jacket with chunky elbow and forearm armour, SP2 gloves, SMX4 boots, kevlar k-legs with axxo kneeguards and plain clothing pants over the top. (helmet of course, but it never touched the ground)

    View attachment 3766

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    View attachment 3769

    View attachment 3770

    View attachment 3771

    Moral of the story? Every part of my gear, except the helmet, got a roughing up from the road. So its important to keep every body part covered. Not just with abrasion resistance but with impact armour. I slid into that centre island and so my forearms took the biggest impact.

    As a result I got up without injury. In fact even as I was going down my first thoughts were "NOOOOO my shiny bike!". It got to 66k kms without a scratch on it. Oh well.

    Finally here is the fairing slider I installed, which ripped off. This thing is solid metal so dont underestimate the brutal road surface. The engine casing and exhaust got a lot of damage, but the fairing only cracked where the slider ripped off.

    View attachment 3772

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  2. can't see any of the pics.

    also, what's the second A in ATAGATT stand for?
  3. No pics, but sounds like they should tell a good story. Glad your OK.
  4. So the moral of the story is dont use sliders?

    I agree on ATGATT and great to see you well.
  5. "awesome"
  6. i will now get a good nights sleep. i thank you
  7. Stands for appropriate and I think it was suggested by Raven.

    Works for me - ALL in my case is full leathers. Appropriate is Draggins and maybe the Motodry jacket if the weather looks iffy. All will protect but some protect better than others.

    I used to commute in full leathers but it's easier to wear the Draggins - sometimes I go tolunch and I still have Alpinestars onmy feet!! I do have shoes I keep at work but I also forget to change.

    Bad news re stack but glad you're okay. Shows the value of your gear. Hate to have seen the result of just normal jeans or 'shudder' shorts.
  8. Or maybe the extra 'A' is for appropriate.
  9. Are the pics working now?
  10. Nope. Except last one.
  11. Ayup. Well, one did
  12. Oh geez it would be easier for me to just re-enact it.

    08122010071. 08122010077. 08122010078.
  13. Gsxxer,
    Sorry to hear about the bike mate but more importantly that you're ok !
    Glad to see all your gear worked for you !
    You did well not getting a scratch on your bike during your 66,000km term with it - even moreso walking away from the fall in the manner you did (y)
    That 'crash knob' looks like it was thrown in a tank full of piranhas !
  14. I am relieved you survived without a scratch. Good news ! Sorry about the bike. Just plain bad luck.
    I cannot believe the amount of shit on the roads. Like a minefield.
  15. I figured 66000km - who wins the prize?
  16. in the end the road will always win..but you'd be mad not to go into battle not wearing some sort of protection.Good to see you got off lightly,the gear has done it's job.
  17. Or was it 66,000 km, Jeimbo ? (y)
    I was in that mindset also, hearing that gsxxer hadn't put a scratch on for all that time. Would be somewhat humorous (for me, anyway...I've got a healthy sense of humour, most times ;) ) for someone to describe their awesome effort for not scratching their bike in 66km..LOL
  18. Commiserations brother. You can be DAC (Diesel Appreciation Club) member #3 or is that 4, can't remember anymore. Checkout my diesel experience in the link in my sig.