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At what age should I give it away ? What age are you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GN250, Aug 8, 2005.

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    From reading the posts about the Homebush meeting I see that the youngest member is 6 years old (Dog3oy) and the oldest 56 (Hornet600) question is am I too old for this forum at 69 ? meeting at 7 pm is getting close to my bedtime, I'll maybe make it to a weekend meet though.
    So what age are YOU ?

  2. Nah, you're not to old.
    You're too old when you have to start thinking about the things that you used to do automatically!!!
    Come along anyhow!
  3. Well I think if you have put your birthday in .. it will show up at the side..

    I'm 24..

    I will probably give up for a while after I have some kiddies and then get back into it hopefully.. I don't think anybody is too old to do something like enjoy doing.

  4. I made the decision to give up when I could no longer throw my leg over, I will probably give up riding bikes at the same time. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :roll:
  5. I've got another 30 years in me if I've got a day!
  6. Hi GN250, I'm just starting out at 51. C'mon, one night out a month will do you good and the roads are dry! Listen to nobby as well!
  7. I thought I'd give up when I couldn't lift the bike up on my own. :x I'm under 50 and now own a Blackbird .... I can hardly lift the thing off the center stand :p let alone (gods forbid) if it should ever fall over ! So now I have to re-think when to give it up.
  8. As long as you can still see the road, and react, keep on truckin sir. :)
  9. The solution is to get yourself a nubile Amazonian warrior-woman to be your pillion. Not only will she keep you young, she could also pick the bike up if it fell over.

    *coughs discreetly*
  10. Hey, Fixed, where do you get those nubile Amazonian warrior-women? I did a Google and came up blank, and there's none even on eBay!
    (Come to think of it, Mrs Hornet might not approve, no, delete all reference.) After Friday I'll settle for a job so I can keep the bike.
  11. Looks like the mantle of GOFARC may now belong to GN250. Congratulations, and welcome.
  12. bloody hell I thort I had the GOFARC well and truly covered, but no, beaten yet again. curse you young man
  13. Unreal, netrider has thier very own Sgt. Murtaugh/Danny Glover.

    "I'm too old for this sh!t!!!"

  14. I haven't been riding as long as some of these old toads (me , 18 years ) but as long i dont lose my ability to react quickly , i'll be having my love affair with my mistress for a long , long time . Maybe i can make it to hornets and RC's age :wink: :p :p .
  15. I do hope so, mate. The longer I have this bike the more I regret the missing 20 years in the middle, although it was dictated by circumstances, not choice. Riding a motorcycle is the most sensual (as in involving all the senses) experience.
  16. I need to keep riding another 30 years to get back what I've invested in this bloody bike!
  17. you never get to old you just down grade

    sports bike



    electric buggy

  18. some go directly from 1 to 5.......
  19. I recently did my L's course and was talking to the intructor about this exact topic. He told me just the course before mine a guy at 84 Years of age had just completed the course. He said he passed with flying colours. He had also NEVER owned or ridden a bike previous to that. Now that my firends is dedication.
  20. my old mans 68 and he goes to coffee's everyweek allbeit not in victoria - you're never too old to rock & roll i say - and all forums and or clubs need a good mixture of age groups if they are serious about comaraderie