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VIC At the Island! 5-6 Jan 2015

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Lionz, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Right, i have the biggest grin on my face ever. EVER.

    Just booked PI for Monday 05th and Tuesday the 06th Jan for the first time. Can't wait. Booked some accommodation in San Remo apparently 10 mins or so from the track, safe parking for the bikes. (On that point do they have a lock up at PI for guys doing 2 days so they can leave their bikes overnight like they do at EC to save lugging them around?)
    Apparently a couple of boozers in San Remo.

    So, we're leaving Sunday morning early, doing the two days and travelling back to Sydneyside on Wednesday.

    Any Vic based Netrider brethren booked/booking in? If so it'd be nice to say hello.

    Really looking forward to this one.
    Cheers, Lionz

  2. San Remo is more like 15-20 minutes from the track. They will also let you keep bikes in the garage overnight if you have booked a garage and consecutive days.
  3. Cheers cazzo, i can live with the drive, thanks, and make inquiries on the garage on the day. Not a biggie, but if it makes life easier, all good.
  4. As cazzo stated.
  5. dimadima I believe will be there
  6. Yes, I'm booked for 5th with my mate.
    Come and say hi if you'll see white Daytona and blue S1000RR.
  7. So is it like EC? If you have a group of 6 you can book a garage?
    If so it's me + 1, Dima + 1 and Adam, nearly there.

    dimadima what tyres you running on the Daytona? Race or street, or dual? Any issues?

    I put a new set of Bridgestone BT003 RS on the gixxer at the weekend for 1 EC and the 2 PI days. The front i found okay, but the rear was spinning up a lot and gave me a couple of moments getting on the gas out of the hairpins in 2nd. Culminating in binning it on the second to last session.
    Prior to that i had the BT003 race tyres (which came on the bike), lot softer, more grip and no issues.

    My +1 had the same tyre (003 RS) on his Daytona and the same issues - hence my question.

    Options are:
    Throw a set of race stickies at it
    Or leave as is and:
    Drop the rear pressure (was running 28, maybe try 26)
    Poodle round the hairpin in 3rd

    Having never done PI would appreciate your thoughts.
  8. You can book a garage without a group at PI I believe.
    We've never been asked how many people will be in the garage as far as I can remember.

    If you don't book the garage you should still be able to get a spot in a shared one (6 bikes per garage) on the day (around $20 or so, can't remember now).

    I have always been on Supercorsa SPs or SCs.

    SPs can warm up a little better and wear a little nicer.
    SCs can get bad wear much easier so a bit more attention to tyre pressures and suspension is required.
    Also tyre warmers help a fair bit.

    Last season I went through 2 sets in 2 days.
    Mixed conditions, cold/wet morning, warm day, then cold again.

    But otherwise 2-3 track days from SPs/SCs can be had.

    I've been running SPs because they are a little bit more road focused (I use the bike on both track and road).

    But I may switch to SCs fully (or Superbike Pro) if I'll get a set of spare wheels with something cheaper for the road.

    Unfortunately I can't comment on any BTs as I have never run them.
    One of my reasons I use Supercorsas is that its side is nearly slick.
    If you'll look at BTs or Dunlops (Q3 for example), they have a fair bit more tread closer to the edge.
    Helps in wet, but I don't care about it.

    Look, as I said I don't know Bridgestones so won't be of any help.

    The Triumph recommends the following tyres for the Daytona:

    - Supercorsa
    - Racetec K3
    - Rosso Corsa
    - BT016

    So I stick with Supercorsas of some kind (SP/SC1/SC2) as I generally can't fault them. They don't last long though.
    But that's the compromise for the grip.
    You can grab Superbike Pro slicks if you're after longevity.
    They are relatively cheap, last probably 6 track days have an okay grip (probably more than enough for me).

    Make sure you ask the tyre guys at the track about the tyre pressures. They can generally give you a descent starting point.
    Again, I don't know about BTs so can't comment.

    For me personally, if I don't like something - I get rid of it and try to find what works for me (I'd suggest to try Supercorsa SC2s).
    Provided it is reasonable and I can afford it of course.

    If I can't, then I try to ride around it.
    You certainly can play with the pressures, but you can also hold back a little bit longer when getting on the throttle.

    It's up to you what you want to do ;)
  9. Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback. Actually just pulled the pin a while ago on a set of Bridgestone R10's so we'll see how they go.
    For the distance we're travelling i figured it'd be better to be safe than sorry. Wouldn't want to waste our time there. Cheers.
  10. PI recommends 30/30
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    For Supercorsas SPs?
    It could be during the Superbike School where they do 30/30 for most bikes and most tyres which is just a good starting point for everyone.

    But during a track day it would be slightly different. For me personally (Supercorsa SP, PI warm day) ~31/27 (cold) worked okay, mostly :)

    Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 6.31.54 pm.
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  13. mmmm I'm just having an uneducated guess here but for the 675, I would imagine you run a slightly higher rear than a 1000 since it doesn't have the torque of a 1000? Due to less rear slide.
  14. Higher pressure, smaller contact patch, generally. Meaning less grip (generally again).
    Why would you want less grip on a smaller bike? I don't. So it's a good idea to follow and start within or close to the manufacturer recommendations.

    30/30 is generally not too far for most common tyres. Those guys set it up for you because it would be extremely complicated to set pressure per person, bike, conditions and unknown rider skills and pace.

    The rider needs to take charge of it.

    If you'll use some Dunlop ntec slicks they may run as low as 15psi or so.
    But those would be utterly inappropriate for me because I simply won't be able to ride hard enough to keep the heat in them.

    There are too many variables so it's good to be aware and know the recommendation for the given tires.

    So again, 30/30 is a just a best guess if you need to set pressure on 200 bikes without knowing anything.

    From there, the rider needs to take the lead, especially during a track day.

    I had hard time going down to 27psi rear as I wasn't comfortable with the feeling on the first laps. But learned few things and moved on.
    Tyre warmers help with it a lot.

    So if you're 30/30, you may gradually drop pressure in the rear a bit with every track day. You may or may not like it.

    But being int the recommended range is a good thing. Again, generally speaking :)
  15. Look at the new MotoGP regulations.
    Another league, but could be a good example.

    They require teams to have tire pressure sensors.
    Why? Because the teams were abusing the tyres to get most out of them ignoring manufacturer recommendations thus compromising on safety (at least that's according to the news).

    So before anyone asks what pressures to run one should ask himself first if he knows the recommended pressures and why he/she should be swaying off that.
  16. How did you guys go today?
  17. The forecast looked like it would have been a good day for it, hopefully not too windy..
  18. Going to be 30ish c, 26c atm with gusts ENE 11km/h on the north side of the island.

    Maybe some storms later in the day.
  19. Sorry fellas, had a few other priorities after scamming a few days off for fun!

    How did it go? Great in a word. What a blinding track, loved it. Bit of a mission getting into the circuit first day - what's that about? Queuing up with 60 other blokes to be admitted by one bloke in a hut? Strange.

    Anyway, great first day, appreciated the orientation laps in the first session. At EC i do yellow/green but stuck to yellow for PI. I honestly didn't really have a clue where the track went, hadn't seen a circuit, nothing. So two laps soon blew the cobwebs away.

    Having two days was good, and the speed was increasing with each session as it should. To go from nervous braking at the 200 M initially for turn 1 to basically knocking it down one at the 50 mark and tipping in on day two was pretty exhilarating.
    Turn 4 comes up on your real quick. Never had to take the slip road but was easily something that could have happened as it did to others.
    Lukey Heights, fark me, what a beautiful corner.
    Final corner, nice and wide, nice and wide, tip in late and get on it early and get the drive on the 1,000's hugging the tight line - and do it all again!

    Bike died on me with two sessions to go. Buggered the RR or the stator, not sure yet haven't tested it. Missed a session trying to find the problem, but had a battery charged that got me through the second to last which made my day - but only enough poke to get me through 2 laps of the final session. Got picked up by the van over by lukey heights! Oh well, no drama.

    The Bridgestones were great. Found it most comfortable with 30 front and 28 rear. Stuck like glue. Very impressed and may manage to squeeze certainly one more day possibly 2 out of them at EC.

    Some good pics on the sdpics site. A bit pricey though so i'll just throw the link up ;)

    So all in all a blinding couple of days, met some good people, some quite local to me funny enough, had a few good drinks but most of all had a heap of fun.

    I can guarantee this wont be the first and last trip!

    Cheers, Lionz


    Lukey Heights:

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