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At long last.... & Rider down. :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. Well after a loooooong time, lots of umming and ahhing. and concincing the wife... Oh sod it...

    I GOT MY BIKE!!!!!


    Well it is a naked :p

    Well back on track now.

    was met this mornig by TAZMAN, his brother, Stookie and Gowron. Initial hellos and nice bike comments and we were off. No I didn't ride..(more on that later) but it was i good trip to the end of the Eastern Fwy were Gowron parted as he headed of to work.

    The rest of us headed into the city and made a stop for fuel and drinks. At this point there was a good discussion about the lack of headlight on the SPADA. Yes no lights when it was going.... but high beam passlights worked :? WE headed off again with the bike making a break for it and we'd meet them in Kyneton.

    Kyneton..... After a mix up with the address everyone made it in the end.


    BBQ developed a bad case of smoking (as usual) but all was well once the smoke alarms stopped!!

    During lunch it was revealed that the headlights do work....you just need to turn them on!!! TAZMAN missed the switch but we all know about it now!!


    Time for the ride!! We all suited up (nerves going haywire at this point) and i joined the others for a quick trip oround town before saying by and they headed off to take Grrrl's VFR back to Melbourne.

    Would really like to thank everyone for coming along and making the day a lot of fun!! As well as the tons of support I have had from others here online!!

    So I decided to go for a longer ride.... So I did a 25Km ride to Metcalfe...at 80-100KM... boy does that feel quick on a bike!!! came back and noticed my number plate was missing :shock: :shock: :shock: :evil:

    So I did the ride again!!!! found the plate though... had to straighten it as it has been run over :evil:

    And now for all you perverts....... the uncensored version....
  2. Drew, that's just beautiful.

    Now, how is wifey now she sees it in the metal?
  3. Looks like a really nice clean bike. Great colour too. :)

    Congratulations, you'll have a ball! :grin:
  4. Very Nice
    Stay Upright & Have Fun!
  5. nice one :)
    sorry I couldnt make it... chocolate run is planned for oct/nov though ;)
  6. Well done Netriders. And congrats on a lovely looking bike Drew. Hope to see you out there sometime.

    Got news from my uncle today that he's going for his L's in about 3 weeks. Of course I already put him on to Netrider.

    Stay safe.
  7. nice work. great lookin little bike you got there drew.
  8. So im.on.it, what's his nick???
  9. Re: At long last....

    Oh I could have told you about that :p If only I were there.

    Good job on getting the new baby, good to see. So tell us all the gory details, how many kms does she have? Where'd ya get it, how fast have you had her up to and does she scream when you give it to her?
  10. congrats drew :grin:
    bet u will sleep well 2nite :biker:


    Truth be know he prob camp beside it or sneak her in when the mrs aint lookin :LOL:
  12. Congrats mate nice bike but why didn't you ride it home? Hope the Mrs is grateful you're keeping both of them! pmsl!
  13. I just phoned the previous owner of this bike hoping to check it out. Sorry it has been sold. :) Then I saw this thread! Looks like a very nice bike from the photos.
  14. Well thats me just home now......what a long bloody day.
    Had a good run back through some steep downhill twisties and rickety bridges out the back of lancefield.

    Dropped of the VFR, jumped on the the back of Mick's Hornet and had a very entertaining ride to Cranbourne then picked up my Hornet and rode home.

    My Hornet got sold this weekend so thats my last 250 run.
    I done the run on Shane's (micks brother) VTR250. Was interesting to see the difference between the 2 bikes.

    Anyway congrats Drew, enjoy you new ride.

    Thanks for the BBQ, went down nicely.


    Back to sitting on my VFR in the garage....
  15. Thanks for all the replies. Have been told i CAN sleep with the bike if i want to.... but it's not coming in the House :(

    Hornet..... wifey is fine.... got a bit worried becausei was out so long but all is well in the Drew household :grin: :grin:

    Mrs likes it so far..... which is good considering it's actually the Mrs who bought it!! Early birthday Pressie!!

    Well since i first rode it at about 3... i have done just over 200Kms on it.... including highway and night riding. Top speed of about 110 so far abd she sounds nice.... still trying to come up with a reason to justify a new Muffler/Music can :music:

    High beam needs to be lowered a bit though... great for spotting Stukkas at the moment :LOL:

    Glad i didn't ride it home as it took a few laps of the block to get things comfy..... just would have been preasusring myself otherwise.

    Dunno about sleeping well, taking it to Bendigo tomorrow, too excited bacause it means MORE RIDING!!!
  16. Long day mate!

    hope you enjoyed yourself? Was good to have you along and finally get to meet you!

    Cheers all but i'm off to bed, over stimulated today i think!!
  17. looks lovely drew, glad to hear that you got it.
    have fun tomorrow!
  18. It's about bloody time you got a bike :LOL:. Congrats mate, it's a nice looking bike which I'm sure will keep you entertained for a while (at least until you start dreaming of something bigger/faster ;)).
  19. very nice bike there mate..
  20. Congrats Drew! I was a bit cheesed I was working today as it would have been nice to meet the person who could string out the purchase of his bike for so long!!!

    So, when are you down for coffee???? :wink: