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At least they didnt impound it....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cheky, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Hey guys. Im a little frustrated. I can understand idiots being hoons and having their bikes impounded but i think this is rediculos.

    On sunday went to have a photo shoot for my TLR. I have just got the bike back after 4 months where i had it completely resprayed and other little mods such as NOS and a whole lot of chrome bling. Its a showbike.

    Went to brimbank park and as per normal the police do their rounds and pull up where the photos are being done.. Everything is ok till he comes up and says i hope you have a trailer to take your bike home. I asked what for and he was saying that cant have a NOS kit on the bike. I agreed and advised him that no bottle was connected and it was just the hoses there.

    Then he starts with the fairing spikes. I told him that the bike is rarely ridden and as a photo shoot was being done for the bike it is the only reason it has seen the road.

    I think he was having a bad day as he was a normal uniform cop (Not TMU) and then starts with the its hoons like you who end up hurting people and dying on the roads blah blah blah (mind you havent had a ticket in 10 years of riding) and i was like im sorry i will call a friend to bring a trailer to transport the bike home.

    I think now i will really get frustrated when fellow riders want to be a dick and get caught doing stupid stuff which then reflect on the other riders with half a brain not doing the wrong thing as the first time in months i bring the bike out to get photos done i get crusified by the boys in blue to the point he was about to organise a tow truck and impound my bike due to "an unroadworthy vehicle"

    i said to the officer make sure you leave me your badge number as in the event a scratch or any damage is done on the bike i will proceed with civil action against victoria police. (i wasnt being a smartass). I have spent 20k on the bike for my own likeness and didnt really want it to get towed for no apparent reason except fairing bolts which are spikes even after i offered to get a lift home and change the fairing bolts it still wasnt good enough.

    so along came the trailer and the rest of my day ruined.:-({|=

    as they say "shit happens... But assholes cause it and in this case the officer"
  2. How are we meant to do our thing, with those pigs piggn around?
  3. Bring a trough of mud?
  4. so wheres the pics? :)
  5. slightly off topic perhaps but can i ask why u spend 20 k on a bike that you claim rarely see's the road?
    Do people really spend all that money just to have a bike to take photos of?

    Ps...The fun police are always there when u need em
  6. Lets see the pics then? :)
  7. One tiny man, on an even tinier mission...

    He is...


    He will keep you safe from yourself.

  8. Cheky, write a formal letter to Vicpol Command and ESD.
    Lay out politely and nicely the whole story and DEMAND (politely) an answer as to why the officer involved "appeared" to abuse hos power and position.
  9. Lets all get drunk and bash some more pigs in the CBD on saturday night shall we??
  10. Mmm, why not? If one has the moolah spare to do that, good on them :) Also, I'm guessing it's not their only bike so no problem having a "showbike" to umm, "show off" :D Just as long as it's not a true poser and that's their only bike :angel:
  11. I'm just wondering if this (and a few other recent examples) mean that the 'community policing' effort has been abandoned in favour of a return to the old days of persecution and intimidation?
    It could be just one 'member' with a bad attitude (or a Christmas crusade), but I'd be interested to hear if it is becoming more commonplace.
  12. It will always be us and them.

    Do not aid them in their enquiries.

    Deny everything.

    "I can not recall at this time."
  13. I think you are right and the officer was having a bad day.

    Although to be honest, when we modify cars/bikes if things aren't legal we can't really blame it on the Police. It sucks when it's something so small but as front numberplates are deemed dangerous, i'm hardly surprised that 'spiked bolts' are worthy of a tow home LOL.

    Just remember, the Police form stereotypes based on who they deal with on the street. You might be the nicest guy on the planet with a modified bike but if 99.9% of modified bike guys have been wankers, well you are already on the back foot so expect some grief.

    thetramp64 - As for 'demanding' answers for 'abuse of power', it's an illegal mod LOL. Complaining you are being harrassed because you illegally modified your vehicle and got caught, is EXACTLY why the Police give these blokes a hard time in the first place. If you get pinned fair and square, cop it on the chin and move on.
  14. You nailed it I think. Either he was having a bad day or secretly is jealous of your ride. Was he pretty young? Perhaps a biker stole his girlfriend back in high school.
  15. Or maybe his parents never bought him the bike he'd always wanted.

  16. There's a lesson in this for you - if you ride a bike that's designed to attract attention, you'll have to deal with the attention it attracts.
  17. So he had a right/responsibility to say, So you’ll be “trailering that home wont you”. But any abuse after that is an abuse of power.
    The OP was not riding, so the illegality of the mod is irrelevant as it was not being used as anything but a prop for taking photos
  18. Why not just ask for the canary and then deal with it in the next 7 days?
  19. Thats totally ghey, I dont see how you didn't weasle out of getting it towed though, I would have asked for a defect notice and pushed his reasoning more why he isn't able to accept your reasonable request for a notice or for arranging it to be towed yourself.

    Although, fairing spikes isn't exactly wise if the bike is ever to be ridden. I've seen the massive bar end size ones on the triple clamp, wouldn't want to hit a big bump when you're tucked in thats for sure =D
  20. In the circumstances I would argue it was an abuse.
    He could have gone about his duties without the threats B/S and Bravado.
    The vehicle was a show bike that was being photgraphed, not ridden.
    If he had been riding and got caught, it would have been different.