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At least something made me smile today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Black Betty, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Spotted at the roundabout in Upwey - guy riding an older style 1200 with sidecar attached. In sidecar was one very happy puppy :grin: all he needed was some dog goggles :LOL: ....... wonder if dogs are surposed to wear helmets :shock:

  2. yay 'doggles' - they look soooo funny :p :grin:
  3. [img:158:200:3235de1faa]http://www.angelsonwheels.com/images/doggles/ILS-med.jpg[/img:3235de1faa]
  4. Ive seen that sort of thing, too. A Border Collie.
  5. Yes, that dog did have an off last year, and sadly did not survive. there is currently a new pup "Bundy" in training. :)
    Bundy rides with a harness, but no helmet.
  6. Bundy is such a cute little pup. It's been a couple of months since i took this pic though.
  7. yes, she has grown a bit :)
  8. Ah, hope he gives several years of riding fun for "Bundy" and himself :)
  9. I noticed a photo of these two; T & C at the bar of Isle of Wight at PI. :cool:
  10. On the ride yesterday there was a guy turned up on a bmw gs of some sort with a jack russell in the tank bang. when he filled up, he got moved to the rear bag...and then back to the tank for the ride out. He looked to be having fun!