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At last New Bike for Fran

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fran_e, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. My New Bike :D :LOL: Kawasaki ER-6f 2008 Brand New Baby. It is so much bigger than my last bike, and style, so it will take a while to feel really confident on it - plus I want longer legs! But yes I love it!
    (Will let Wayne post his new bike pics himself :cool:)
    Of course I had to have pics, luckily taken before she decided to take a nap in the driveway and put some little scratches on the fairing - oh well she is now christened, and hopefully that is out of her system :? I've only done about 100km today but will be racking up a lot more tomorrow - I love days off work :p

  2. They're a good jigger. Looks a lot better than the red frame model too.
  3. Congrats on the bike but it can't be scratched already...... noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats and great to see you got the fast colour :wink:
  5. Congrats on the new bike !!!
    Looks great !
  6. :shock:

    It's a matter of personal oppinion really, isn't Rog. :)

    Great choice of bike, you'll love it even more as you get used to it. :)
    Check out http://www.ninja650.com/phpbb/ There's a heap of info there that will be useful to you...., and friendly people too. :)
  7. It is a great looking bike , even more so in the flesh i'm stoked for the fran_e that she finally has her new, brand spanking new bike :grin:
  8. haha dropped with less than 100kms on the clock. thats rough as. bike looks good though congrats
  9. Thanks peoples, yep dropping it sucked but I guess I can stop panicking about doing it now that it's done and at least it was gentle enough that it was only slight cosmetic damage (wouldn't have been anything if went the other way on the grass grr)
    Hmm not sure if "jigger" is a good thing or not :?: Thanks for the link Seany :grin:
  10. Thats repairable write-off :LOL:

    Nice bike Fran, soo shiny not one bit of dirt on it, and those extractors wont last long looking like that.

    I think i read on the ninja 650 forums (ER6n/ER6f) that you rub alcohol on them to keep them from staining. But i dont know how true that is.

    Ride Safe.
  11. Noice lookin' bike Fran, congrats! And yes a jigger is a good thing. :LOL:
  12. woohoo i am with rog, looks heaps better then the red frame... as for the drop, it's the best thing you can do to a new bike, it WILL increase your corner speed by a 16.31km :wink:
  13. :LOL: Thank you for that information, and yes I have never liked the red frame - the black and silver is so cooler :cool: :p

    I had a ball today - I rode for 2 hours this morning and I'm feeling so happy on her, great little/big bike IMO

    Aww I like the colour of the extractors - will look into the alcohol thing. Saw a second hand 07 model in a dealers and the bike had not been well loved and they were all rusty - very sad.
  14. Autosol and elbow grease works on mine :wink:
  15. :applause: :applause: Nice nice very nice
    congrats safe riding.
  16. I do nothing to mine. They've gone a murky brownish colour but no-one notices cause they're dazzled by how awesome the red frame looks. :p :LOL:

    Oh, do regularly check to make sure the belly pan bolts are tight. It's common for them to disappear after a long stint of hard riding. A quick re-tighten every week or two will save you a fortune in cable ties. :)
  17. Very nice Fran......Love the exhaust! :)
  18. Yeah mine went a dark blueish tinge at the top and freckles down to gold.

    Because these bikes have a awesome vibe from the motor some bolts may become loose. I take my belly pan off a bit when im mucking around or servicing so i always tighten it up, BUT i noticed my front fender, one of the hex bolts was coming out, so i tightened it back up, if i didn't see it, it definitely would of come off on the next ride.
  19. Great bike, the misses has on, the 06 model and goes really well, heaps of low end grunt as well. She has spent loads of mulla on her as well.
    She now has carbon fiber mirrors with mirror extentions and not forgetting a carbon fiber chain guard.
  20. Warmbourbon, I love the dark tinted screen and headlight! Where did she get those? :)