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At last, my OWN Blackbird

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by heathermac, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. =D>
    Finally won the battle, Deadman has agreed to swap bikes, I now ride the bird & he has the Kwaka, more his speed??


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  2. Congratulations.

    The /blackbird is an ICON model.....possible future collectors item. am i correct in saying this?
  3. Its a collectors item now,
    The ones that have them, wont sell them,
    Honda stopped making them, because they are so Boringly Reliable,

    This ones done 60,000 kays in 3 years, and hasnt had a spanner to it,
  4. I'm thinking there's something more to this story than a simple bike swap...
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  5. Please tell me he hasn't done his license, again.
  6. No, I still have my Licence,
  7. so the kwaka is it the zx14?
    that looks like a silver bird to me, no black about it at all :)
  8. Congrats, at least you know it's been well run in.
  9. The Kwaka is a ZR 7 2002 750.

    As for Heather actually riding my Moped, Hahahahahahahaha

    I did offer, but she declined as it was too heavy for her,

    She was sitting there saying, repeatedly, I AM WAITING,
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  10. From the pic I reckon you have headed into the bushes to adjust your scarf or whatever and Heather is moving closer to the motor to stay warm.
  11. Who do you think took the picture,

    I dont have a camera crew following me, Hahahahaha
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  12. Hahaha.... that brings back memories from Monday's ride... "Gee, you two... how long you guys gonna make me wait"... haha... You guys are great!!
  13. I always thought we'd have to prise that bike out of your cold dead hands Brian!
    Well done Heather,

  14. Your not wrong Cam, But I do let her sit in the pilots seat every now and then,

    Thats when she is awake long enough, She is usually sound asleep on the back,

    But just in case she does get tempted, Hahahaha, The key is definately deep in my pocket,