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AT LAST!! It's mine ALL MINE!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Finally I've taken delivery of the long awaited thundercat..

    :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot: :dance: :woot:
    (Iffracem doing a Hornet600 "Happy dance")

    Picked it up yesterday lunchtime, rode it home ~120k's in 100kph wind gusts, horizontal rain squalls and freezing temps. BLOODY MARVELOUS!

    Ended up with a stinking headache from the cold and concentration, so a coupla quick ports and early to bed. Today looks like abeaut, might have to do a bit more "bonding" before I wash it :cool:

    Pics later after getting rid of the bug-splat!

    JJ (happy after 7 weeks of no bike!!)

  2. Congrats! The weather would have made it a little more interesting, but hell, that just makes it more memorable doesn't it?
  3. mmmmm it handled it well, sweet bike.

    Kinda like a 600cc version of a pre-vtec VFR800 (without the cam-gear whine :wink: ) is the best way to describe riding a cat.
  4. Congratulations JJ, I'm sure you and the bike will feel snug in Snug :)
  5. Sounds like fun JJ!

    Can't wait to see some pics.
  6. Here be some pics...




    Ignore the fester of old subaru's in the background, they're going soon.
    Gave it a bit of a wash... Might need to go and "air dry" it :wink:
  7. Congrats on the new wheels. She's a beaut.
  8. Say, that's a nice bike.
    I like your collective noun for old Subarus, I think I may start using it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Congrats. At least is aint a suz....... a suzu....oh you know :)
  10. Looks very nice. Yeah you cant beat the old "air dry" :p
  11. scrummy. very sexy. are you married? :LOL: :LOL:

    runs, hides and hopes current love of her life doesn't see this thread :)
  12. top bikes the cats, you'll never find anything to actually complain about with it IMO, they does everything well :grin:
  13. MM JJ just gorgeous, it was either one of these or a Hornet when I bought the bike in March last year, and being an old Yamaha man I DID look long and hard for one.

    May you and she enjoy many happy years together.
  14. subtlety carri, one of your strong points ?
  15. Sure is a nice bike to ride, even makes me look good :LOL:

    Yes Carri27, I'm married, and if you saw me, you'd be soooo glad you get out of that post so easy :p

    There's a story behind the Subarus... got given the registered silver touring wagon in exchange for two bottles of red (very cheap red :twisted:) It has two badly cracked (overhead cam) heads. Yellow beast was picked up for $300 with a good, although old, pushrod motor. Clunk, clank, hammer, spanner, lift saw, bash drop, bolt later... one working subaru touring wagon and daughter has a car to learn on. But it's done the job (18 months of very cheap transport) So they're being donated to the "U-turn" project, where they rehabilitate young car stealer/wrecker types by teaching them the joys of fixing and giving. The cars get fixed up and given to a victim of crime. 90% rehabilitation rate, pretty good home for the "fester's" I reckon.

  16. Congratulations and happy riding!
  17. That's a very pretty bike, JJ. Congratulations - it's nice to see patience being rewarded. :LOL:
  18. Thanks 748girl and Gromit, I'm a happy little camper at the moment.

    It's been described as a very fast armchair, that fits!
    (wonder what the inquistion could have done with such a comfy chair??)

    And Gromit, do the netrider masses get to see your new toy??

  19. Can't go wrong with your choice. Very tapable ;)

    Hope you have many happy rides on it. Then you can give it to me :D
  20. Congrads on the new bike...I bet you will have some fun riding around Tassie. Any must ride road you would recommend around Tassie? I intend on couning down near the end of the year for a tour!!