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At Last, I own a Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Sitting Bull, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. I've had her for all of a day and a half, 2010 Suzuki GS500F. The previous owner took her into Shearwater Motorcycles for a service and ended up trading it on a DRZ400. Only 5.5K on the clock, brand new Pirelli on the back, 6 months rego, full tank of fuel and a pair of $150 riding boots all for 5G neat. Just one small crack in the fairing from the wind blowing her off the stand apparently, nothing major, otherwise the bike looks brand new. Now I'm waiting for the weather to get a bit more friendly so I can get to know her more closely.

  2. nice welcome to the gs500 club

    frist thing i would do if i was you in drop a 15T front sprocket in it really wakes the bike up
  3. Ok, so off on the Scotchtown Irishtown loop this weekend then. :) Congrats on the new bike.
  4. Do you have a horse for sale ?
  5. arrghhhh we're up to our armpits in GS500s, like back in the old days of the Across.

    seriuously, congratulations (y)
  6. We got plenty of bull as well so
  7. Thanks, I'm stoked.
    Tonto on the other hand has cracked the shits and done a runna.
    I reckon I'll jump on the bike and follow my nose this weekend, it's all good around here no matter which way you go.
    I'll look into that sprocket too thanks rat man.
  8. Meanwhile....back at the ranch, Tonto who was disguised a s a door has his knob shot off.

    Well done on the bike. I recently traded my 2009 GS500F. Never failed me that bike!
  9. Congrats on the purchase! (y)
  10. Congrats mate got my CBR250r yesterday, I went for a quick spin last night and finished up riding for around 2 hours in the freezing cold(y). The GS500 is a very nice bike, don't wait for the weather just get out there mate;):woot:.
  11. It's good that you're gaining confidence and not worried about the weather! That's a good frame of mind.

    Having said that, have you got some inner thermals? If you don't, invest in some good quality ones and you will notice the difference between riding in the freezing cold and riding warm. The cold will reduce your energy levels and affect concentration on longer rides.

    If I may suggest, a thermal top, long johns, inner gloves, balaclava are a must if you intend to ride in winters. My jacket has a inner lining but I still layer up. If it gets too hot, remove a layer and keep it in the backpack.

    Ride Safe! (y)
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  12. Thanks for the advice mate:wink:, I had been thinking about the thermals any brands that you recommend?
  13. Yep, got the thermals on, long johns and thermal top. I'm using a Driza-bone short jacket and jeans at the moment, just until I have full leathers.
    I'm havin' a ball on it today, been for two good rides already and didn't feel cold at all.
    I'm getting used to her as I go and enjoying every minute. Is it normal to have a bit of drive-train lash in certain gears when throttling on under compression?
  14. It's good fun getting out on your first bike. My first weekend was crap weather but I still went for a big ride, loved every minute of it too.
  15. My Mont Slinx Polo thermal top and Mont El Gringo leggings are my second skin in the cooler months. They are made from Polartec fabric and I absolutely swear by them, wouldn't have anything else. They are expensive but well worth the money and they last for years.
  16. depends on how hard you are on the clutch but i would check to make sure the chain is not lose just in case
  17. After a lot of R&D (some money wastage as well), I opted for the Ice Breaker brand of thermals. They are made of pure merino wool and are VERY comfy to wear.

    A bit expensive but worth the investment. Most good camping/hiking shops store it (as in Paddy Pallin, Snow Gum, Mountain Designs etc) and they have their own factory outlet in Smith Street, Collingwood as well.

    For Example - The Base Layer. I've this in black and wear it as the first layer, then a micro fleece top and then the riding jacket. That's enough warmth to ride at all hours. PLUS the thermal can be used as a winter t-shirt as well.

    I've got a neck warmer, inner gloves, balaclava from the same brand and have been very happy with it. The quality speaks for itself and hopefully last me a few years. Haven't bought the bottoms yet but will wait for a sale or something to grab them.

    Remember that the Merino wool products are listed with their GSM so the higher you go, the warmer it is. I've got the 260 gms one for the base layer.

    I'd also purchased Kathmandu Polypro thermals but they act as backup.
  18. I'm pretty easy on the clutch. I think I was a bit heavy handed on the throttle though when bringing it on. I can can get her pretty smooth now I'm fine tuning my gear selection and easing the throttle on from the throttle off position.
    How much slack should there be in the drive-train with the bike in 1st gear and on the centre stand just moving the back wheel?
  19. well for starts take it off the center stand and put it on the side stand then in the middle of the chain it should idealy be 2-3 cm of movement

    here a link to the wiki for it