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at last! a WIN for stump! ah, God remebers me

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by D Stump, May 3, 2007.

  1. g'day guys,

    as you may know my life can be nothing but one hit after the other.

    the last 7 years have been hell due to the insurence company. my claims officer just uses her position to torment me [she has ego problems].

    some examples are;

    1) told me she would probably not approve new batt for scooter 2 days before the guy was due to come to the house.

    after a convincing argument by me she said same thing the following day

    she was home sick on the day in question so another CO [kylie] took her place and said 'sure, yes, i will send the fax approving the cost right now'.

    2) when my prosthetic leg was defect my usual claims officer said 'it's your problem! we paid for the leg, leave us out of it! it's your problem!'

    3) i havent had a way to remove my garbage for 5 years

    4) my cleaner broke her contract to help me remove garbage cause claims officer said she would solve the problem in 2 weeks [that was a year ago]. claims officer

    claims officer cancelled my social taxi re-imbursements from her own initiative. i disputed this cause i need to visit family and friends. i brought her attention to a contract that i made with her superiors. she had to pay re-imbursements.

    to retaliate she telephoned my cleaners boss and revealed the information that was sensative. my cleaner, who has a heart of gold, was in my sitting room on boxing day telling me that 'her christmas has been ruined'.

    when i rang up claims officer to tell her off she said 'it's your fault anna broke her contract'.

    this is a trend these days and a lot of cripples are saying "i settled my claim in a hurry because i couldn't tollerate what they were doing to me"


    i took an enormas risk and took on the giant head on.

    my lawyer said 'i dont know if it can be done, no one's ever done that before'

    my friends said ' what do you expect? it's you against the system, you're not going to get anywhere.'

    here's how it happened,

    i spoke to big cheese and made a request for a new claims officer over the phone and got the words 'not negotiable'.

    the miss treatment got worse, it got so bad that i couldnt take it and had nothing to loose so i wrote a letter with details of her miss-management of my claim.

    i got a reply that said 'claims officer is appropriate, blah blah'

    i was pretty upset so i brought it up at the next meeting [big cheese couldnt look me in the eye]. i found that sometimes you dont need to explain yourself so i asked if they needed more details and they said no.
    i left the meeting [ive only had 2 meetings in 7 years] by telling them that 'i have hope'.

    they decided not to remove my file from claims officer.

    i took my complaint to the Motor vehicles accident authority (MAA). my letter stated that big cheese turned a blind eye and things got worse [ i said it better than that!]

    i got a 'we believe the actions of claim officer is appropriate, blah blah' response.

    a lot of effort went into their reply, letter but that effort was an effort to justify wrong doings.

    i wrote a second letter to the entire primary department of MAA. i was detailed in everything including my breast cancer and that i know of one other claiment of hers who got breast cancer after 5 years of her treatment and questioned the high percentage of those who were in her hands over 5 years, who may have, or yet to be diagnosed with breast cancer. all the shit she said and did to me in 7 years was itemised. over 7 years it doesnt seem so bad, but put it all on one piece of paper and you have clear picture.

    twas a great letter, very demanding :twisted:

    now she's out of my life. i found out today. the first thing my re-hab provider said was;

    'i can't tell you what's been said around the office, but claims officer is no longer handling claims'

    'she's been fired?'

    'no she's still here. you're claim is being looked after by kylie [she's a HUGE step up].'

    i tell you, having the usual problems of being a cripple is enough. the torment i suffered was daily because the old claims office would think of things to hurt me using her own initiative. i was never secure, i was frightened.

    stump it up! :cool:

    :beer: :beer: :roses:
  2. We can still firebomb her house though... right?
  3. for sure! but i've got someone else in mind to bump up the hit list. a certain nurse :twisted:
  4. you are a cripple??????? WTF????????

    i thought,,,,,nah kidding :p :p :p

    Stump's my mate :grin:
  5. groovy :beer:

    i second the firebombing motion
  6. joel wrote
    you're a man??????? WTF?????

    russ wrote
    how sweet! thank you russ. tis good to see we agree on something for a change.

    there is not 'house on fire emoticon' so here's 'fuc up the arse' emotocon


    *peeching* 9

    i had a dream where i went to the cop shop and told a cop everything she did to me.

    the cop says ' i think this may consitute a f up the a'. he walks over to another officer, has a quick chat, does the 'fluffy donkey moves' then returns and says 'yeah, we're gunna f her up the a'.
  7. only one thing wrong with the :bannanabutt: idea...
    She'll most likely enjoy it!!! I dunno how people can be like that.

    Before the firebombing, put a big turd in a KFC carton, place it on her doorstep early one morning, set it alight and ring the doorbell.

    Idea is she'll come out in slippers and stomp on it to put it out :cool:

    Good news stump!! Hope you get more wins in the future.
  8. Good for you D Stump!

    Can I just say on behalf of all Victorians, TAC ROCK! I am so glad we don't have to put up with sh#t like that down here.
  9. Yeah, TAC were very easy to work with - although Stookie had a rough time - I guess it all comes down to the individual.
  10. Stump it up! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Doonks Solution 101:

    • * 3rd Party arrages meeting with previous CO
      * Room locked behind her
      * Stump in chair, with said stump reinforce and in an exact horizontal postion
      * as said CO goes to sit, Stump is propelled forward with all the torque and speed of an R1 with A.D.D
      * said CO cops the "stump" right up the Khyber !
      * Stump reverses and says "that's for every day of hell you put me through"
      * Stump very serenly wheels out of the room
      * CO's eye return to normal, in about 3 months
    sound fair ?
  12. Sounds very restrained and civilised :wink:
  13. hmm, i don't think i want to be having any form of sex with the woman. i have to think of stumpy, he has feelings to you know!

    holy sh!t! i didnt think of that.

    it's gotta be pretty humiliating having a file taken away. everyone in the office knows about.

    im so happy because of all the times i said 'you can't do that' and she replied with 'i can do whatever i like'.

    no you can't biatch!

    everyone knows your a sicko now! :p

    it has children you know. how can anyone have sex with it, looks like amanda vanstone with gray skin, grumpy man like fat face and no make up. oh and she wears revealing v necks with a rash on her tits.

    since she tried to take my mobility away, a slashing of the tires once a week would be a good start.

    im glad they took her away, it was getting to the point where i would have to deal with it myself. when i found out my rent hadnt been paid [they pay your rent if you were paying rent b4 crash] but she's been saying 'it's goooood that we pay your rent' just like she said 'it's goooood that we pay your social taxi expenses'.

    i cant live like that. i need to know that if my rents not paid it's because someone forgot.

    so i was going to write an untracable letter [yeah, i know where she lives :grin: :grin: :grin: ] that would have said

    just a note to let you know
    we are not happy about
    they way you are
    conducting your work

    stump it up! :LOL:
  14. Well done Stump, Could be the start of a few more wins ey :)
  15. I pissed myself Stump, no seriously i did :oops: when i read of your dream about the 'cop shop of the future'
    It brings a whole new meaning to the demerit point system.
    And getting a ticket in the mail would be a nervous experience. :LOL:
    Phonebooks are so yesterday.

    Stump 1 up
  16. excellent.. find out ways to make her life hell :twisted:

    why is a sick unit like that in charge of helping people? maybe she thinks she's in some sort of movie?
  17. people like that deliberately put themselves in that position. the condition is called

    Anitsocial Personality Disorder


    will put it here for all to listen :LOL:

    stump it up! :cool:
  18. Good for you! :grin:

    Nice to know you stood up for yourself and faced the big guys and not simply just go away like they hoped you would and like so many people would.

    Should be very proud of yourself!!

    That previous claims woman sounds like a real biatch! Sorry i had to stop reading when you mentioned about the rash on her tits!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwww


  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    my friend said he 'had to stop reading at amanda vanstone. you dont wanna see amanda vandstone's tits'.

    my other friend says 'you dont want see amanda vanstone'.
  20. She wasn't in charge of helping people. She was in charge of not spending money if she could get away with it :evil: