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At last a filtering device that might actually be useful

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rider5, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. i think it would be excellent... if it worked. do car drivers really look at the ground? no. only directly in front of them, and in their mirror - to look at themselves shaving or putting on makeup

    EDIT: the ground to their front right i mean
  2. Excellent idea but would be baned about ten mins after it gets shined in someones eyes or mirror ect
  3. "I was blinded, blinded I tell you, your honour, by a Lazar weapon on the motorcycle."
  4. What a stupid idea, you expect cars to not only watch the road ahead whilst driving, look in mirrors for what is happening around them,
    for bike riders that think they have the right of way regardless to anything else happening, and now,
    to look down at the road for a projected image on the road....seriously....
  5. And look up just in time to hit the said projectionist... several feet ahead? Some cagers can't even notice a bike running high beam so how is a dim green symbol going to help in that situation?
  6. I'd rather ride with this

  7. I think it's an excellent idea, all you'd need to do is edit the logo in order to adapt it to motorcycles
  8. ok this is not going to work and ill tell you why....

    where i live in Brisbane (Zillmere/Boondal) we have these bike lanes that run some of our major roads and for the most part they run down the left hand side of the road, beside the far left lane. Now they do change like left hand turning lanes, the bike lane goes straight ahead and the turning lane goes on the left side of the bike lane (when you want to make a left hand turn it can be hard at the best of times.

    now in peek hour traffic I CANT SEE THE BIKE LANE at intersections all i see from my cage is more cagers. just like in the pic shown on that site you cant tell me that bus driver could see fark all of that lane.

    not to mention bike lanes in Queensland are green.
  9. These seem to be something that won't work most of the time indeed very rarely, since that is how often loud pipes work I thought you guys would love it.
  10. I think there is a place for them. Riding a bicycle, you need all the help you can get. It would hardly hurt. I do second the notion that all drivers can see when in traffic is other cars.. which is a bit sad really. Sucks to be them.
  11. I've been tempted to wear a pair of fake rubber boobs over my coat.
    People can spot boobies from a mile away through the back of their head.
  12. would be better if it was a real lazer that vapourized anything that entered it's beam.

    the drivers that don't look still won't see.
    i had an ambulance travelling the same route as myself last week, flashing lights, sirens.
    plenty of cars would not move out of it's way or just dawdled along in front of it completely unaware of it's presence.
    they don't look. they don't care. they don't want to know about it unless it's in front of them. then they just want to overtake it and beat it to the next red light.
    i've banged on the side pannels and windows of vehicles merging into me with my fists. they will not turn their heads to even look at you.
    they look straight ahead, that's all they do.

    and yet another good reason to filter to the front of the lights. because that's the only time they will notice you. pissed off about it probably, but they see you now.
  13. The only way it'd work is if it projected the hologram of a truck.
  14. Yea, I can't see it working at all, the last thing we need is car drivers looking at the ground as well as their mobile.
  15. I see many fines for "dazzling" fellow road users.
  16. With the current mindset of some drivers deliberately blocking motorbikes when filtering I'd be unlikely to use it until the law changed to define the legality of filtering.
  17. Similarly to the OP's topic. I've seen a few cyclists around with a 2nd rear red LED light facing the ground to the rear or their bike which illuminates a big red circle on the ground, kinda like the cyclist is being followed around by it. I think its a good idea because motorists following behind the cyclist are more likely to see the big red spot and therefore see the cyclist. This would be quite effective when cycling in traffic with cars passing. Although it probably doesn't apply to motorcycling.
  18. Fekkin hilarious Knee! Lol
    You've got a good turn of wit, mate.
  19. That actually sounds functional.
    My only concern would be the sudden increase in bicycle fatalities. I saw this big red circle on the road, and was watching it, when i felt a bump. No i did'nt see a bicycle, just this big red circle on the road.