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At it again - Triumph ride day got me thinking

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Stormtrooper, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Am after some input from the brains trust that is Netrider...

    On the weekend the local Triumph dealer had a try/ride day and I managed to take a few bikes out for a run, specifically the Tiger 800, Sprint GT and Street Triple.

    First up I'll say I love the triples. Not quite the torque or engine braking of a twin, but they rev up that much faster. had quite a grin from all three bikes.

    However, the Tiger was crossed off the list not long after trying the brakes. for braided lines, i thought they were pretty woeful (although i could be biased as my TDM has some very nice front.) The riding position was good, with good shielding from the wind but on the whole the bike just didn't have much character to my mind. There were also little things like the switch gear being in the wrong spot, gear shift in the wrong spot... hesitancy in the clutch and throttle...

    Onto the Sprint and my first thought was 'Mmm...this is cosey'. I'm not used to be quite so compact on the bike. however, this was soon followed by 'Nice clutch. nice acceleration. nice brakes.' I did notice after about 15 minutes my wrists were starting to ache and I was losing feeling in my fingers. old war injury (or pissweak core strength... your choice). anyhoo, i did find that around 110, the wind pressure is enough to take the weight off your hands so you can sit quite comfortably for quite a long time. on the open road this bike is beautiful. handles like a dream, has plenty of power and just lopes along.

    However, as I do a bit of riding around town, the wrist issue rules that one out.

    So onto the Street. It is in all honesty one of the most fun bikes I've ridden. Once I got over the fact there's no nose to it, i settled in very quickly. Once i worked out you can actually rev this bike beyond 10k i don't think i stopped grinning on the whole ride. Awesomely fun bike \\:D/

    Brings me to the dilemma. I love the bike. My wife on the back - not so much. due to the small saddle, lack of grippy material and slope of the seat, she spent more time pushing herself backup the saddle to avoid me singing like Frankie Valley... once we were at 100, there wasn't really an issue but any bump or even the slightest braking and she was sliding forward into me.

    So that was a bit of a deal breaker. however, I really want this bike - or something similar.

    so what it comes down to is - can someone tell me confidently that the Street can be configured for comfortable two-up riding or can someone suggest a similar style of bike that is going to offer a bit more comfort for the other half? I've had an SV-650 which had a beautiful engine but the rest of the package was a bit of a let down in terms of two up riding.

    The TDM is a good two-up bike, but is a bit of a whale at low speeds and just not the sort of bike you'd jump on for a quick spin through town.

    So I'm after something practical for two-up but with a bit of hoon to it as well :demon:

    Please enlighten me :)
  2. Have you had a go on a Suzuki SV650's naked cousin the Gladius? Could be a good bike for you. Decent performance and not too sporty riding position. It's not a hoon mobile like the triple, but pretty good alrounder and I think two up should be good.

    Then there's the sports tourer Strom, which is awesome & great value ... but nothing like a triple! But I saw your comments re tdm ...

    Aprilia also make some fun bikes and (depending on your budget) could be worth a look for that fun ride :)
  3. Shoulda tried a Tiger 1050 IMO. Selling them off pretty cheap at the moment. Way better bike than a GT.

    I'm surprised by your comment about the 800 it not having much character, but I haven't tried one, so I can only accept your judgement.
  4. Interesting to hear about your wrist aching on the Sprint. I had the exact same problem with mine and I was enquiring about risers, but my recent trip upto gladstone had me rethinking cause no pain at all. What height are you? I am 185cm.
  5. I'm just on 180cm, but many years in hospitality followed by several years in front of a computer has left me with dodgy wrists (possibly carpel tunnell but haven't had that confirmed). I found once you were up over 100kmh the wind was enough to keep the weight off my wrists and all was good.
  6. I tried the 1050 a little while back and loved it, but my problem is its a little too tall for me. I wasn't quite able to flat foot it so felt a little uncomfortable stopped.

    You're right though - they're an absolute steal at the moment at about 1k more than the 800 but with panniers thrown in and the increased power.

    I think in terms of character I just found it didn't have the outright power of the Sprint or Street, nor the torque of my TDM and with the factory exhaust there wasn't much noise to enjoy either.
  7. Maybe the speed was the same thing for me. Most of my trip to gladstone was around 120kph till I got caught on the way home, then back down to 110kph.

    The trip i noticed the wrist pain was across the queen mary falls west of brisbane. Not slow speed, but not 120kph either.

    Got a bunya mountains trip this weekend, I'll report back with my findings!
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  8. If you liked the Street Triple, have a look at the Aprilia Shiver, I rated them pretty much equal-first in terms of the naked middleweights available.

    The Shiver has a considerably more substantial pillion setup than the Triumph though, so it might well fit the bill for you (without you having to move to something more touring orientated).
  9. And just to add some spice to it, given the GSR600 looks to have a decent 2-up riding position, could you throw the extra dollars saved in buying a Suzuki budget bike over a well spec'd Triumph and make up the difference with suspension and braided lines? (or perhaps rip the front end off a GSXR)
  10. I just bought a sprint too, 185cm and no wrist worries (and why do people keep coming to gladstone and not telling me!!! :p).
    Will see when i can get in the saddle for more then 20-30min though. The angle is only a few more degrees (4 i think?) then my zzr250 was, so i dont see too many worries.
  11. Theres the GSR750 out now, which should have a decent amount of grunt for riding 2-up, plus it looks horn!
  12. I did like the look of that too, but in my experience anything with a two piece seat turns out to be not so comfy for the other half. Not sure why...

    Otherwise I'd be putting my name down for a Ninja thou.....