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At home sick

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolfmother, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. l am stuck at home with a cold.
    This is my third cold this winter, and yes l did have a flu shot. Fat lot of good that did me, all l got from it was a sore arm and the nurse didnt even give me a sweet after!.
    But it's not all that bad l am rugged up infront of the heater (with the cats) watching DVDs, watching "Hot fuzz" again.
    Anybody else home crook?. If you are l hope you get better soon.

  2. Have we been kissing?

    I've had 3 colds as well, despite having a fluvax :(

    The lung oysters are rather impressive :shock:
  3. Sorry Vic but it wasnt me you were kissing, the missus wont let me go out kissing strangers any more :wink:
    Yeah the oysters are the best :sick: .
  4. Had four wisdom teeth ut on Tuesday...still at home feeling worse for wear.
  5. ouch! hope you start feeling better soon Melchior3. It wont be long till you can get stuck into a steak again mate.
  6. The flu is a viral thing. Flu shots don't prevent colds.
  7. Ta mate. Feeling pretty blue...stitches/pain etc. Plenty of reading to do on Netrider and other forums to keep me entertained.
  8. Yep I'm home crook today, only thing is it's my bloody day off! Gotta hate that.
  9. And they certainly don't come much stranger than that... :LOL: :p