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Asylum seekers make it to Geraldton

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by middo, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. It always seems so distant when they are collected near Christmas Island and whisked away where no one can see them. But today a group of 66 asylum seekers brought their boat into Geraldton (where I live) harbour. Apparently they are seeking directions for New Zealand.

    Interestingly, they seem to be sponsored by Deutsch Bank:


    What concerns me is the response of my local town inhabitants. We know very little about these people. It is assumed that they have come from Sri Lanka, but not confirmed yet. Facebook (the Geraldton part) is full of racist comments and suggestions they should be shot, bombed or towed away. It is lovely to see the nicer side of your own community when people may be in trouble, and may be legitimate refugees.

    I just hope we never have to leave Australia as climate change refugees and get refused entry to Antartica.

  2. Oh goodie this may be better than whole nod debacle thing. Can you throw gay marriage and abortion in there as well?