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Astro's Ride - 2011 CB400

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Astro2980, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Hey all, lazy sunday so i thought id share some pics of my new bike.
    6 weeks of ownership, 1200 kms and loving every minute of it!!
    Really glad i went with the CB...did alot of research and test rides but the CB had everything i was looking for.
    i spend a fair bit of time in Thailand and have discovered that it is the place for accessories for the 'ceebee'...will be looking at importing a heap of stuff for the CB soon (can also get ninja 250, cbr250 and er6n parts) so if anyone is keen on some stuff let me know!

    Any way..some pics




    Had the dealer change the original black wheels for the gold before delivery...i think the gold goes really well with the white

    also added
    - adjustable levers
    - mirrors
    - radiator grille
    - clear indicators
    - led taillight
    - tank pad
    - Philips Xtreme headlight

    plus a few other little bits 8-[

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  2. photo from a recent ride :greyalien:

  3. Very nice Astro, I'm jealous
  4. Congratulations! One can't go wrong with a CB.

    A few questions:

    1) Did the dealer charge for the wheels? Interested to know because I might be asking the dealer for the same when I'm getting the next bike.

    2) The CB already has an LED tail-light, which light did you get?

    3) Is the Philips bulb noticeably better than the stock one?


  5. thanks guys
    in answer to your questions Nak

    1) there was no extra charge for the wheels, just a direct swap with another bike in the showroom...worth asking

    2) the taillight is a smoked LED, ill get some pics up soon

    3) along with some adjustment to the aim, the Philips bulb is a big improvement over stock...recommended

    day of delivery

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  6. Great bike. You'll enjoy it. I like the mirrors you chose. Having said that, the original mirrors work really well and dont look too bad.
  7. nice bike, makes me nostalgic for mine! enjoy it!
  8. Looks great. I just pick up a red and white 2008 one and am really enjoying it. I need to stay in touch so I may place an order for your next trip. The gold wheels are good.
  9. Very nice bike mate. The gold on white looks great, I have the same bike but in black and I have to say it is the easiest bike to ride.
  10. Looks great. I think the gold wheels were the selling point for me too. Pretty good the dealer let you swap.
  11. bike has gone now :( ...one last photo...thanks for the memories!!


    Pics of new bike coming soon
  12. What happened to it?
  13. The gold wheels work really well with the white tank. Great bikes to learn on or as a commuter.

  14. sold :)
    replaced it with a 2013 Street Triple R
  15. Pics of the new trip?
  16. For sure! Possibly white wheels would also have gone well with white.
  17. Geez I wish they made that exact same bike in 1000cc. Those little 400s look the ducks nuts!
  18. May I ask what the changeover on the Street Triple was? I'm looking at doing the exact same thing. I have a 2011 cb400 also..
  19. They more or less do with the CB1100F. I actually prefer the styling of the CB1100F and I have a 11' CB400. The tail of the CB400 is quite modern compared to the rest of the bike wheras the CB1100F's design is a bit more consistent all the way through.
  20. Same my 11' CB400 ABS gets picked up on Monday and I'm test riding a 13' Triumph Street Triple 9am tomorrow along with a Ducati SF848 and MV Agusta Brutale 675.