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Assorted touring photos

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Highett, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Assortment of touring and camping photos from 2013 to now across 4 states.

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  2. A very enjoyable slide show, Highett, thanks for posting - I've cycled through it twice now. I've visited a few of the places in your photographs and now want to revisit on a bike! Your motorcycle camping set-up is impressive, as is the way you've worked out the best way to mount it all to the bike.

    A few questions: How many days or weeks were each of those journeys? Do you have a way of knowing what will or won't make a good camp site? Do you go into caravan or camp grounds for showers, etc.? Was there a particularly enjoyable trip or section that you particularly liked?
  3. October 2012, I rode from Singleton down to Mount Beauty for the GTR-AUS Gneral Meeting, that was at a camp ground for 3 days, then I headed down to Melbourne, then to Gippsland (Outrim) for a few days with friends then I met Tom at Sale he was on a 650 Guzzi for this one and back to the Snowys we went - I do like it in the mountains, cant remember the excact distance, about 6,500ks over 10 days.

    The longest was in January 2013, I was still living in Singleton NSW, Tom was on the white wing lives in Melbourne Vic, we met at Canberra then hit the road 9,500 Ks over 10 days, we went north to to Cook Town, taking a meandering back roads route then south and inland, then south again parting company at Blowering near Tumut

    The next longest saw me living in Gracemere QLD, Tom was still in Melbourne, we met at Walcha then proceded south via a very windy back road route to the snowy's were we zig zagded arounf for a few days, we split complany and each headed home 7,800 ks on this one in 19 days.

    Others were just a couple of days here and there and some other camps from some of my IBA rides.

    Over time I have trimmed down a lot of my gear, I still carry freeze dried food and recently I have been trialing pre-cooked meals that just need reheating.

    I like a long ride, camping out makes it flexible, its cheap as I utilise rest areas and free camp areas, bush camps are just what you have with you, some rest areas are pretty bare just a table and maybe a shelter.

    The good ones have pit toilets, shelter and table and some even have flush toilets and showers as well, either way I am able to wash and launder on the way.

    With regards to knowing if there will be trouble or not, I surpose its gut feel, if your pulling to a rest area and it has burnt rubber from donuts and vandalised facities then its a fair bet the local hoons turn up after the pub shut for some fun, I would move on.

    On the big trips I usual travel with a friend, we only get to catch up now and then.

    If I am travelling on own I rarely camp in town, I prefer between towns, also there are alot of nomads (Caravans and RV's) on the road now unless i'm in a bush camp its rare that I am the only one at a rest area.

    Facilities in rest areas have also improved greatly over the years as well.

    To date, I have not had any problems, I have had the police check me out a couple of time, they were okay.

    Some really good coversations with other road users, cars, bikes vans and trucks.
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  4. You DO like the long haul. Those trips' total kilometres are very impressive. You've seen a lot of country as a result and I hope to be able to do similar, although I think I might have to work up to it. 9,500 kilometres in 10 days is a bit beyond me at the moment - you're certainly match-fit!

    Having a good riding companion who approaches riding and touring similarly must be very good too. The fact that you can keep costs down by camping, etc. makes it all that more doable. Good point about checking out rest areas for the likelihood of disturbance - I'll keep that in mind. I really like the idea of being on the road and meeting nomads.

    I've been out in the middle of nowhere in south-western NSW and seen little gatherings of RVs and caravans parked up and enjoying a rest area with views over a (full) salt lake and the idea of pulling up and spending the night or even just a cup of tea and having a chat appeals greatly. Other than the occasional night in a motel or cabin I'd prefer to be away from cities and towns too.

    I have had a look at the Kulkyne swag you have; have bookmarked it as it looks the business! I'm also going to buy a Kermit camping chair, they look good for both motorcycling and kayaking that I do a bit. Thanks for taking the time to respond with detail to my questions HighettHighett, it is appreciated greatly.
  5. Anytime XJ6N,
    Surpising how many Nomads are current or past bike riders,
    Have a look at the Helinox chair and table both pack small and weigh almost nothing.
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  6. It's certainly on the bucket list. Nice one HighettHighett
  7. Nice rides. Looks like a 'roo strike in amongst those pics??
  8. Yes, two skippies in one night, 80km apart, I was left with one driving light on the left side.
    Zip ties, and electrical tape to bunch up all the loose wires and leads on the front and 100 mile an hour tape and a couple of 1 inch tie down straps to fasten the right side panier on as the front mount was torn off and about a 1200k ride home, bit drafty on the right side with all the plastic gone.
    Bike handled both strikes very well and got me home, did not go down and no injuires to myself.
    Got some funny looks from the police at Dubbo but no trouble, NRMA Insurance was great.
  9. Did well to stay on your hoops. I was riding my R1150RT (headlight like a candle) out between Nyngan and Longreach one night, and that was when they were so thick, I was doing an average of about 70km/h between Cunnamulla and Charleville. I was sure glad to see the sun rising in my mirrors that night. No close calls as I was taking it slow. I didn't want to be on my ass out there in the middle of the night.
  10. Yeah Tweet,
    I've been out there doing IBA rides and know what its like.

    One time on a combined FR1200, SS1600 and BB2500 km ride I lost count of roo sightings on the road at three hundred odd, had about forty near misses that required active avoidance, Between St George and Surat I got 3 hoppies come out of the darkness at full hop, managed to dodge two, third one went into the front wheel, busted a lot of plastic, dinted the radiator and broke the nose cone mounting bracket, left a hunk of meat on my right side hwy peg.
    Once again the GTR took it in its stride, hardly veered off course, did not loose the lights this time.
    Anyway, I figure at some point my luck would run out and I would have a real serious pile up, I have not done a long distance overnight ride now for a bit over a year, I am doing more touring and camping these days.

    Finished the ride in the alotted time frame, again NRMA was great with the repairs.

    In total from 3 strikes close to 20k in repairs, thanks skippy.

    I am still riding the same 2011 1400 GTR, through rain hail or shine and flea bitten skippies it's a hell of a good bike.
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