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Assitance needed on Sat 17th

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Hey guys/girls,
    Well im finally moving out of this S*** hole, and I havn't thumped this guy YET still.
    So any help would be well rewarded ,

    I need : A car/cars with a trailer or towbar ( or I could hire a furniture trailer )
    and a few able bodys to help with what should be 2 maybe 3 loads at the most.

    Moving from Mt Waverly To Rowville

    Reward you ask ? drinks when wev'e finished as well as a BBQ plus i'll ark up the SPA ... did I mention the 10 seater outdoor spa ? :twisted:

    There's plenty of room for anyone that over indulges sat arvo
    ( hmm netriders that over indulge ? ) is there such a person ?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. Dammit Bob. We are having a BBQ for Stiffler...I mean Jaydens birthday on the same day.
    Make it the Sunday and you can come along to the BBQ :p
  3. Grrrr .. both of you having BBQ's on day's I'm busy and can't make it! :)
  4. Bob Bob Bob.....isn't that the Saturday of the Bike expo?
  5. It's also on Friday too ..... (& sunday - but I'm working!!)
  6. Bob where and when are you moving from?
  7. Also, check the thread title ;)
  8. oppps sorry thought it said sunday.... still maybe be able to help, will let you know if i can though
  9. I can help you in the morning :)
  10. I was asking more for the exact address and time, at the same time bumping the thread. And followed the post up with a PM.

    See!!! Method to the madness!!! :p
  11. still nothing plan on Saturday, I could only give you a hand, because I just have a car without trailer and no towbar.
  12. wish i could help ya but i've got a job interview (of sorts, yes, on a saturday!) in the morning and then i have to work at 3 in the arvo...

    good luck with the move mate!
  13. week-ends off hard to come by so expo all day Sat & Sun catching up with my dad for Father's Day! Yeah right I worked 8am - 6pm on the actual day! so a ride to Koonwarra Sth Gipps not SA on Sunday seems in order!