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NSW Assistant police commissioner recommends motorists stick to road rules during flash floods

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ljiljan, May 30, 2011.

  1. http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/flash-flooding-hits-sydney-20110530-1fcb4.html

    Flash flooding hits Sydney
    May 30, 2011 - 9:59PM

    Drivers were advised to take extreme care elsewhere in the city, after amid torrential rain since early on Monday morning.

    The NSW transport department said wet conditions also caused delays in train and bus services across the city.

    Flash flood warnings were issued for Alexandria, Zetland and Camperdown, which recorded more than 75 millimetres of rain.

    The Roads and Traffic Authority issued online flood warnings for the inner-western suburb Haberfield, as well as Wakehurst Parkway and Oxford Falls on the north shore.

    The heavy rain began on Sunday night, with the northern beaches copping the worst of it, a Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) spokesman said.

    Avalon recorded 57mm of rain in the 24 hours up to 9am (AEST) on Monday, while Long Reef received 50mm.

    There were also some reports of hailstones and a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the northern beaches.

    "It's going to be a similar story tomorrow," a Bureau of Meteorology spokesman told AAP.

    He said the BOM was predicting between 15 and 40 millimetres of rain in Sydney on Tuesday, with heavy rain most of the morning.

    It has issued a severe weather warning for flash flooding for the Hunter, Sydney Metropolitan and Illawarra Regions.

    "The heavy rain is expected to hang around for the next few days, and it is vital that motorists stick to the road rules and drive to the conditions," said Assistant Commissioner John Hartley.

    I hope no one got caught in this today. The amount of water coming down between 2 and 4 in Kingsford was simply staggering. All flat ground at uni became pools inches deep, stairs became cascades, the main walkway turned into a free flowing river which some people started body boarding down. The mechatronics lab flooded and several alarms were going off around the place.
  2. Do you go to UNSW? A mate of mine took a picture of the cricket oval... Astonishing :v

    Wish I had seen the flood warning for the Wakehurst (or used bloody common sense...) ended up having to turn around tonight in the cage.

    I'm just up at Warriewood/Mona Vale and the amount of rain that was dropped here was incredible. It just didn't stop, then started to hail :(
  3. I've been through a down pour on a motorcycle more than once and I can tell you it's not fun. I can only imagine what it would be like riding through something like what has been described here. I hope none of our fellow riders got caught out in this one.
  4. tell John Hartley, deeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Yep, all the water in the immediate vicinity funnels straight into it. Not even massive (i mean massive) drains can prevent it.

    This was the quad at 3:15. The image is a bit deceiving, the near side puddle would decently longer than 20 metres

  6. If there was ever a plus side to not being at work the last two days would have to be it - no spending 5 or 6 hours in cold relentless rain soaked through to the bone followed by the trip home, most likely via the hellway known as the F3.
  7. I rode home in it last night. I'm not sure it was the worst run home I've ever had, but it must have been close. Solid rain 75% of the 45km journey in Sydney traffic and wet and drizzling the rest.
  8. Radar is still showing quite a lot of rain up your way.
    Lovely crisp sunny days expected here in Melbourne
  9. i went for a short drive with my brother yesterday afternoon, from 4pm-6:30pm.

    there were so many motorcyclists around! must have seen at least 50! it was just incredible.

    i didn't realise there were so many "all weather" riders out there!
  10. I love riding in summer rain, but autumn rain is just plain miserable, especially combined with wind blowing it horizontal. I live right next to Alexandria and saw the wost of it, at one stage I couldn't see the next apartment block accross from me less than 50 m away.