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Assistant at Peter Stevens called me an idiot behind my back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Gezza24, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Last week I bought a pair of hornee kevlar pants and a pair of RST GP Pro gloves from Peter Stevens Melbourne. Anyway the assistant was this miserable looking old slob. I made my choices with his very limited knowledge of the products, and went home. After wearing the jeans around a bit more, and going for a ride with the gloves I discovered I'd probably be better off with a smaller pair of jeans. I'm normally 32 inch waist, but these were huge pair of 32 so decided the 30 would be a better fit. Also the gloves were horribly uncomfortable when on the bike. They had carbon fibre knuckles which limited my movements and made me feel very clumsy at the controls.

    I took them back into the store for a return on the gloves and to exchange on a smaller pair of jeans. All was going well, however as I came out of the change rooms I overhead the original assistant calling me an idiot behind my back, because I wanted an exchange. The other assistant who was helping me today said "say it a bit louder, 100 points" to him sarcastically.

    They obviously get a commision on what they sell, so it's likely he was pissed off he would lose some of it. I just kept on walking, however my thoughts are that guy was so out of line to say that. I'm thinking seriously about making a complaint. I would of at the time, but I'm not as assertive as I should be sometimes and I can't prove it. What would you do in that situation like that?

  2. glove slap him with the return :p

    and/or, pipe up, and firmly question him if he was refering to you then.
    either watch him turn bright red, or backpedal with a bunch of lies, fast.
    then probably talk to his manager, sort your gear out, and not shop there again :)
  3. Well you've done one thing already; you've told around 10,000 people what an insensitive slob this bloke is, and where he works :LOL:.

    {Incidentally, some of us miserable-looking old slobs are quite nice blokes when you get to know us :rofl:}
  4. Tell the slob to tidy himself up, then don't shop there ever again.
  5. That's odd, I didn't think you could exchange something that had already been worn. Did you keep the tags on?

    Anyway, just don't shop there again.
  6. As mentioned already, I would've sorted the exchange and then complained to their manager. Written or verbal, whatever is your go. I don't usually muck around with stuff like that, nor accept poor attitude from salespeople.
  7. Naaah, let him help you select your new jacket. Take your time trying on different styles, ask if he has different colours in the back, or even different sizes because you've been thinking of losing weight.

    After half an hour, or so, tell him you really need to think about it, and leave.

    To be really mean, come back a few moments later and buy the first jacket you tried on, from ANOTHER salesperson. :demon:
  8. Call up and complain about the service to the manager at PS. They should at least get their arse whipped for that kind of rubbish, however I feel it is a cultural issue there. :mad:

  9. What sort of cultural issue?
    Please explain.
    The blonde salesgirl who sold me the fogoff mask was very friendly.
  10. i'd have snotted him. end of story.
  11. Well im one person who will never buy from them again x's how many others whoi read this post!!!!Word of mouth is such a valuble marketing tool.........
  12. So, as I understand it: you went in to buy two garments, chose two that didn't fit, tested neither by walking out to your bike and seeing how they felt in the situation they were supposed to be used, and everyone thinks he's got to kiss your arse because you're going back with gear that he's got to put back into stock? After working in a dealership and seeing this week after week (oh, this helmet you did me a great deal on, I don't like the colour now), I'd have said the same, though you wouldn't have heard it. Only thing he did wrong was say it too loudly.
  13. You wore the jeans on the bike a few times, took it back for an exchange and they still did it, and just called you an idiot behind your back?

    They may have just gained me as a customer...

    I'm with Joel, HTFU.
  14. I've bought a few items there, and although the service is acceptable at times, they are very sales driven rather than customer driven. If they believe or are told you are not buying today, their interest drops and so does the service.
  15. He's an idiot for not wanting a pair of jeans that will slip off in a crash or a pair of gloves that mean he fumbles with the controls?

    Are you the same bloke from the story or what?

    He obviously could have been a bit more thorough before buying, either way what he had wasn't going to do the job. There was no mention of ass kissing, but a little bit of respect wouldn't go astray.
  16. But it means nothing if they don't know it, and why.
  17. Must just be the luck of the draw.
    I've bought several items from them and was always treated with courtesy and respect.
    Even got $30 off the Rjays top box.
    It may be age related or just the way I approach them, I always treat them with respect as they will look after me well when making a purchase.
  18. No. He's an idiot because if he wanted to buy clothes that worked (read: fitted him) he might have spent a few more minutes working out which ones they were. It's not rocket science. Or does his mum usually buy his clothes?

    Other than being older, and just loving his assumption that old people are grumpy, no. Older people have just got tired of dealing with the same dickhead behaviours over and over and over again. The tone of the OP is that life should revolve around him. It did. He got his exchanges. That he overheard the opinion is the only issue here. And I reckon he deserved it.

    Guys in bike shops have seen every example possible of arrogance, rudeness, and barefaced lying. Some reply in kind. It's unacceptable on either side. But it seems to be the adversarial way most people try to buy bikes and gear. Developing a rapport with the dealer usually gets you heaps more over the life of the ownership.

    You think? Most of what's been written above is about complaining to the manager or punching the guy in the face. Take responsibility for your own actions people!
  19. Gezza, you should go back there and complain. Not only so that the assistant looks bad, but by the sounds of it you lack confidence in doing such things as complaining to managers about poor service; after a couple of times you will become much more confident. You were treated poorly by the assistant, and shouldn't have been. Your day was effected in a negetive way because of the staff at that store; and that is the complete oposite of what should happen.

    Go back there and complain; and if the store manager/store owner doesn't offer you anything as an apology, then express that their reputation for service has been seriously damaged amongst a substantial number of riders across Australia. :grin:

    Whether or not he made a mistake or not, that's beside the point. Staff should not talk negetively (or at all) about customers behind their backs; and if your a salesperson and cannot provide adequet advice to a customer then you should either quit your job, or ask someone who is more experienced to help when you cannot. This is rider safety we're talking about; not fashion.
  20. If he's not going to show respect for the OP, why should he get any? It's a two way street. I wouldn't knock a bloke for the comment but I wouldn't go up and shake his hand either. If he's seen it over and over, he should know that sometimes people make mistakes.