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Assistance with handle-bar installation?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mark Gibbons, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Went out to the Manabar on Brunswick Street, parked my bike on the path as usual and when we came out, found the bike laying on the road. Lesson learnt, Motorcycles and Drunks don't mix.

    Point being: being pretty "tool-less" and "clueless." I'm after a hand installing some bits I purchased to fix the damage. Nothing major. Handle bars, Clutch and Brake Levers, and Bar End Mirrors.

    Located in Cheltenham: Can travel. :)
  2. If I was in vic I'd help you out unfortunately i'm not I'm sure someone will step up!
  3. Is the bike rideable?
  4. when did it happen?
  5. The bike is ridable, the clutch lever and mirrors are completely smashed, however the clutch was replaced by a fellow netrider. :happy:

    Just the handle bars will require a drill, so could be difficult.

    It originally happened a few weeks ago, when the clutch was replaced, it fell over on it's own about 2 days ago, I was sitting on it, got off, took a few steps, looked back and saw it just tumble over on it's own. I think the kickstand is a little long for it.

  6. Always do, keep the wheel lock on at all time, I'm not overly fussed really. Naked bike, It's not like I'm replacing a $1000/set of fairings everytime. Now it's the occasional mirror.
  7. Hey Mark, bring the bike in to sat prac session in elwood, am sure you'll have plenty of help to replace things, have you got the tools to remove and replace whats needed? If not, contact @streetmaster he's reasonably priced, will teach you how to do stuff yourself etc he is in frankston, so a nice little ride from your place
  8. You guys are all nubs, Mark bring it over here after work and I'll put it on for you, PM me and I'll PM you back my address.
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  9. Actually mate, the issue now is a broken mirror and bent handle bar, which the bike does come with replacements, secondly, the add was written before I dropped her and the damage occurred. Last but not least; the history of the bike has been posted on that page in other posts. ;)

    Good try though.

    My boss. Good guy actually.
  10. Netrider: Connecting riders (so they can berate and belittle each other)

    Mark go down to super cheap auto and by yourself a set of metric sockets and a set of metric combination spanners 5-21mm, a set of metric hex keys and a set of Screwdrivers flat/Philips, and you will have all the tools you need to perform the repairs.

    use the screw drivers to remove the switch housings and grips look at some youtube vids for reference.

    use the hex keys to undo the clamps on the risers holding the bars.

    its not hard but then I have a knack for these things and was brought up around tools and working on vehicles.
  11. Your kickstand shouldn't be too long, and if it is I would be getting that fixed. Are your tires fully inflated? This could lead to a too long kick stand. It sounds like you might not understand a few things about parking. When you park on a slope do you always make sure the kickstand is on the downhill side? Very important for obvious reasons.
  12. If your new handlebar doesn't come with holes pre-drilled to anchor the control housings, you will need to do some drilling.
  13. ...It got done today, many many hours of work and everything went wrong. Oh well; I sha'll definitely invest in the tools, learn't a bit today and I'll book her into A1 Motorcycles tomorrow. :cry:

    As for the belittling (not a word) I don't really read it, I just read the username and skip to the next post. Some people are useful, and some are just air breathers.
  14. Yes, after much stuffing around on a very simple job as tends to happen in the wrenching world, we fitted the handlebars, controls and 1 bar end mirror to replace the stock right hand mirror. The bike will need a new return throttle cable as it was broken, but the bike rides around nicely now and it's in better condition than it was before.
  15. well done Kernel, nice to hear about how people help others like this