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Assistance using the Front Brake Lever.....help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Shoey, May 11, 2006.

  1. I'm still new but I have noticed an increasing problem when I go to use the front brake lever. I think that because my hand is small I have to really stretch to reach the brake lever and at the same time I am increasing the throttle with my thumb.

    Can anyone offer some suggestions on how I can use the front brake lever without hitting the throttle??? Makes life interesting when you are trying to slow down!!!!


  2. im not the most experienced here but all the bikes i have had have had adjustable levers to move he lever closer/further away from the throttle. have a squizz, should be a little round dial numbered 1-5
  3. If the Virago doesn't have an adjustable span you may have to search for one. It'll be a very wise investment in your case.

    Most manufacturers keep levers consistant through the majority of bikes in their catalog, but of course others change the buggers like their underpants with every model :evil:
  4. Ahhhh, I had this exact problem in my first month of riding.
    You need to alter you hand position, knuckles up!
    And also, loosen your grip slightly.
    It took me about a month and then I was right, never had a problem since.
  5. As Caz Said... that should sort you out, maybe your nervous and your giving it a death-grip, relax and a little practice and you should be right
    Good Luck...
  6. When I did my P’s test a month ago the instructor picked me up on this. Chances are you are dropping your wrist as you squeeze the lever. If you try to squeeze the lever higher up you fingers this should make you raise your wrist instead of lowering it and therefore roll the throttle off. It sounds weird but trying with the bike in neutral and standing still to get a feel for it.

    Or come along on the ride from Hornsby to Wollombi on Saturday, there will be a bunch of guys there more experienced than me who I am sure will be happy to sort you out.
  7. Also try looking at what line the lever is compared to your arm. I was doing it on my qride course and the instructor adjsuted the lever down and i stopped doing it. When i got the Sv i was doing it again, so adjsuted the lever down, i heard that lever-bar-forearm should all be in line. I found i was squeezing the bar and lever together rather than rolling foward and down.
  8. What we were tought on the Learner course (a month ago) is that you should try to reach with your fingertips only at first, that will help to "set up" the brakes, then instead of pulling the lever back with the fingertips try to roll your wrist forward sliding and squizing the lever underneath your fingers - smoothly. The rolling forward motion shuts off the throttle and the smooth movement helps to prevent locking the brakes.

    Seems to be working for me, but I've got fairly long fingers ...

    Hope it makes sense. Yes, it's easier if someone can show it to you.

    (edited for spelling)
  9. I also had this problem while I was learning on a CB250 (haven't ridden any other bikes as of yet, so no idea on brake set ups), particularly during the emergency stops. I was doing what Mud Monkey is talking about.

    My solution was same as voytek's, I had used only my fingers (on the brake lever), with my thumb pulling the throttle closed. Really, most of the time it was because my arm got slack, dropping down and thus causing my palm to open the throttle whenever I changed hand positions. However, I didn't feel that I was in total control with this method, but that was okay cause I was only using it on straights.

    Other than braking fast, I had no problems as long as I took my time
  10. sounds like a plan. im sure its just a matter of adjusting the angle of the controls.