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Assistance required in Melbourne

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Heinz_Guderian, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. Hi all... this is a follow on to my recent request for a Spirit of Taz passenger to transport a bike for me.

    I am hoping a generous person can ride my newly-purchased CB250RS from St Kilda to the docks area- only 5 to 10 minutes riding time. The bike has no plate but it does have a temporary registration permit and can be ridden legally. If someone can help me with this then I can get the bike across Bass Strait as 'roll on freight' rather than 'door to door'. I can pay a token amount for the service- $20 if that's agreeable.

    Please PM me if you can help.
  2. I most likely can do this. Is there a specific time/date for this so people know immediately if they are available for this (at the required time) :)
  3. I'd be happy to sit backup for undii if he can't make it.
  4. Yeah depending on when you need it done I could possibly help you out as well...and please, I wouldn't need a "service fee" for it!! No skin off my nose to help someone out :)
  5. ^^ I'm not asking for a fee either, either free if the distance is "walkable" from docks to st kilda due to needing to pick up my bike or whatever the taxi fare would be otherwise? (which we'd just work out to get deposited via bank transfer or something later on) :)
  6. ill do it. pm me if others bail, forget the fee if i wanted 2 make money i would work another shift lol.
  7. Thanks guys. The temporary registration lasts until the end of this week, and the move can occur at a time to suit you within that time frame (which is only a few days so I suppose it ain't that convenient). Tomorrow morning I will contact the shipping companies and get an exact drop-off point and contact name, then I'll PM you.

    The bike is at my friend's place in Hotham St Balaklava/East St Kilda.

    Thanks again.
  8. Well in that case, I can do Wednesday until about 2PM or so, Thursday morning or after 4PM and either early Friday morning or 2pm+ (as Im having luch with a mate that day). Theres my weekly "day timetable" laid out so you know if I can do it or not :grin:
  9. Undii depending on time i might be able to come with you and give you a ride back too your bike

  10. Shhh! We'll do this in secret and we can split the "taxi bill" cost 50/50! :LOL: If you are free to help out, much appreciated! :)

    Good to see a fair few hands have been put up for helping out :)
  11. I finish work around 4
    so i come back that way
    Just give me a yell if you need me
    Oh sorry shhhhh get the taxi money first :p
  12. Thanks guys... I have just submitted the online quote and the company will get back to me with the details of their exact drop-off point and a contact name. Then I'll PM.