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Assistance needed: baby hippo having birthday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    This is Lotus. Lotus is a hippo. Lotus is turning 1 this weekend.

    My sister-in-law works at Werribee zoo, and has been tasked with putting together a giant birthday card with everyone's messages for Lotus on it, but she's complaining that all the messages are too boring: "Dear Lotus, we love you, happy birthday, Shawniqua, 5, Moe"

    So if you have a moment to come up with something a little more creative, please do. Email to HippoLotus@zoo.org.au, and post here for our amusement.

    Here's mine:

  2. Lotus

    Happy birthday my love. I had a great night the other night. You rocked my world! For someone so young, you sure know how to treat a man *wink wink* Let’s do it again.

    Call me

    xx Makwetu, 49, Zimbabwe
  3. Heh heh send it in, it'll give Niss a giggle. :)
  4. lol i thought you were talking about heip. rofl
  5. can we get the hippo a fatagram? :shock:
  6. and so did I,

    mind you. in hiep's current condition, the picture of Lotus has an uncanny similarity :)
  7. Happy birthday ya fat fcuk.
  8. I had no idea that hippos could read or understand english.
  9. In Australia they can afford an education.
  10. sent 1 it's late and i'm tired so about as creative as i could get, will make a better 1 when drunk tomorrow , mmmm beer

    Dear lotus

    In your 1 year on this earth i have become 1 of your biggest fans, none of the other hippo's i have ever dated has had your delicateness or touch, i lay awake at night thinking of your ways from how you smoothly fill the pond with a gush of faeces providing life to countless goldfish to the demure way you look away as our eyes met the time i broke into the enclosure in a superman outfit top and gimp mask, you really are 1 for the ages, marry me now run away bring the cake if you must, and we can start a fresh life in my mums garage, she is cool but has a few issues with dental hygene, i'm sure you two will get on like a house on fire.

    Awaiting your reply forever yours in love

    margaret thatcher england
  11. Can't we just buy him a game?

  12. Aww...don't know how you would tell, but I wonder if this is him too?


    (Taken Jan this year)