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Assistance from the Netrider Community required

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Toecutter, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Got this off another Forum so hopefully you can all help out a young guy from Taree NSW.....

    Hi guys n gals,

    I'm writing this email to prevent a gross misjustice in the World Endurance Championship!

    This year there is a 'Rookie of the year' trophy up for grabs. My younger brother Alex is among the nominee's but the winner will be decided by an online poll, and the rider receiving the most votes will win the trophy.

    Unfortunately this has turned into a popularity contest, and although my younger brother Alex is by far the best performing Rookie in his debut season (6th in the championship standings) he's going to be beaten by a Czech rider (39th in the championship standings) who's got his whole town voting for him.

    This my friends must end here....

    I need yours and your friends, family, co-workers support to get 'Big Al' to the top of the poll, and secure the trophy that he deserves.

    I'm sure it is obvious to you all by now that I'm not eligable for this
    award, if I was the little bastard would be on his own

    Hit this link and vote for 'Alex Cudlin- Diablo Bolliger'


    You can vote once a day [unles you have a static IP address], until the 15th of September and every vote will

    If you can think of a way to vote twice a day fill me in! [home and work :wink: ]

    So C'MON do it for your country, do it for Al, do it for freedom...... Ok so
    you get my drift.

    Get voting!

    Damian Cudlin.

    Bit of a story half way down the page here
  2. for me to vote for something i have little knowledge about would be the same 'injustice' to what is being complained about.
  3. Did you click on the link posted? http://www.racecorporation.co.uk/

    Just some kid chasing his dreams, thought you might like to help out a fellow Aussie and someone who shares a passion for bikes.


    The World Endurance Rookie of the Year award is open to riders under the age of twenty three who are in their first full year (competing in at least three races) of competition in the 2006 FIM World Endurance Championship. The gleaming trophy you can see here has been provided by Zweitze Rooske, resident world endurance Öhlins suspension expert.

    The award will go to the rider receiving the most votes in an online poll which will be held on the in the run up to the Bol d'Or 24 Hour race. The online poll will be between up to ten riders selected from those nominated by a short-listing panel made up of trophy sponsor Zweitze Rooske, World Endurance TV commentator Clive McNeil (me!), WorldEndurance.com webmaster Martin Gelder and a couple of other people who don't yet know they've been roped in…
    Nominations should be made before the end of the Oschersleben race weekend. The trophy will be awarded during the Bol d'Or race weekend.
  4. done..... and if I remember I will do it again tommorrow.
  5. done, but he's ahed by a mile now
  6. done -
    Who should be the 2006 rookie of the year?

    Jaroslav Cerny, Maco Moto 34%
    Simone Cortese, Fabi Corse 1%
    Alex Cudlin, Diablo Bolliger 59%
    Didier Hendrickx, Primo Racing 5%
    Nicolas Pirot, Acropolis 1%
    as at my vote
  7. All done in the name of national pride. :) One day Australia will take over the world. :)
  8. I voted.

    Little tacker's way ahead.
  9. Done.......

    A competition that relies on votes?....that's bulls*%$!

    More like big brother or aussie idol
  10. Yes it's very gimp, any decent hax0r could have whoever they wanted win it.
  11. Come on guys and gals

    The Ulysses Forum is over forty replies
  12. My vote is lodged!
  13. Im with Dante, followed the link only to find the thing is over & done with. Now thats really not fair. Complain about the injustice about the comp & yet call it won 13 days before the cut off date because the perfered nominee had hit the front. :?
  14. Thanks to all those who voted.

    I only passed it on, I didn't write it :p

    Great to see another Aussie winning something even if some "doubted it" :roll: