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Featured Assignment: Let the mockery begin

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bravus, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. #1 Bravus, Oct 9, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2016
    As part of my final assignment in the Graduate Certificate of Higher Education that I've been working on for the past couple of years, I have to create a one-hour online teaching session. Half of it is activities for the participants to work on in their own time and half of it a live online meeting.

    I linked together a few bits and pieces, but made this video as an introduction. I'm dressed and shaved for the weekend in the middle of a fortnight's holiday, and obviously it's far from perfect, and the categories are far from exhaustive, but I thought I'd share it here for fun anyway.

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    public speaking, The Big Evil :).

    well done BravusBravus

    I hated giving presentations but did like the use of cue cards or idiot cards to help me :)

    Hope you get a HD & not the Harley type.

    As in High Distinction
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  3. You look like your avatar. Impressed.
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  4. Nice one, BravusBravus. Also nice to see the Kawasaki 1400GTR used as the tourer example!
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  5. I thought it was good. Much better than anything I could do.
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  6. <insert mockery here>

    Ok, now that's out of the way, that's a good introduction for people who know what a "bike" is but can't tell the difference between let alone work out why there's so many different styles. Anything that gets people thinking about that will probably help them be more conscious of riders, too.
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  7. Hey BravusBravus nice work.
    Mmmm... Free parking. Agree 100%. Ask any student or staff member from a TAFE or Uni in Australia what their biggest bugbear is - parking.
    Having to pay for parking - OK, that's something we have to live with. But the idea of having to pay for the 'possibility' of getting a park - that's more like gambling.
    As Dark AngelDark Angel said, anything that makes road users more conscious of bikes get my vote. Done good.
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  8. Well done Bravus. Not too many "urhms" in there.

    It's still a big part of my job, and I actually quite enjoy it.
  9. This is really cool, BravusBravus. Informative and easy to listen to, it sort of has the feeling that I'm having a nice chat with you. Obviously very well thought out and I loved the examples of different bikes you used. I also liked how the presentation was structured and has a nice flow. Bonus points for your awesome T-shirt!

    I definitely could've used this video when I was figuring it all out initially.... and I still learned a thing or two from your video today. I think this should be a netrider resource!
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  10. I don't do it nowadays but was always nervous until I got into it a bit cue cards helped.

    I suppose the more you do it the easier it gets
  11. Heya BravusBravus cool vid. There's a lot needed to put together any video and even much more having to do a presentation that's informative and students will likely stay awake for it - at least you picked motorbikes as your theme :) cool!
  12. Neat video.

    Really cool to put a face/name to the avatar finally!

    Also, you're really good in front of the camera. No real umming or ahhhing, you're eloquent and really easy to understand. You'll be a great teacher.
  13. I'm the opposite.

    Unless I know exactly what I'm talking about 100% without use of cue cards, I get nervous. If I know the topic, I'm fine.

    The other thing to remember is......no one is probably listening that much in any case. :)
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  14. That was pretty good, I thought. Not easy to talk for that long and you did get a lot of information in there. I like doing this sort of stuff and agree with Barters81, usually no one else is listening as hard as you are talking!

    I did a post grad teaching diploma course a while back as I was doing a lot of training at work and thought it might be a future career direction. I really enjoyed it because the class was made up of people from lots of different jobs, everyone was having a go at stuff like this, but live, rather than video taped. We were taught to congratulate, comment and then congratulate... so

    Well done for pace of presentation, making it interesting and very easily understood
    A suggestion for improvement would be to emphasise two or three key issues for each of the bike styles, say tyres, weight, ground clearance, rider position for example as a summary for each type.
    Presentation style was comfortable and relaxed as some one else said like a conversation, which would put your listeners at ease.

    No doubt you will pass your course with flying colours!
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