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Assen MotoGP

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by VtrElmarco, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Hello Folks. No proper review this time as I and a bit snowed under with something at the moment.

    Initial reports have Stoner flying in the dry sessions with Hayden, Rossi and Pedrosa in hot pursuit. It's rumoured to be wet for qualifying today so expect some bikes to be flung past cows in paddocks as they try to push hard for a front row start in what could be hit and miss condition come Saturday.

    In a good news for some, terrible news for others note, Tony Elias had what looked like a harmless fall, but has ended up breaking his femur, so that is his season do and dusted. Some riders will breath a sigh of relief, but no one wants to see that happen to anybody. Rumours are calling Neil Hodgsen in for the ride cause he currently has some spare time on his hands, anda man can only garden so much.

    Hoping for a dry race,VtrElmarco.
  2. :rofl: Quote of the Week!!! :rofl:.
  3. In some other breaking news, Yamaha are running a new livery for FIAT promoting some new car called the 500.

    It has to be one of the worst paint jobs I have ever seen on a racing motorcycle. It looks like Ken Done had a week long bender on some illicit drugs, and has thrown up on a M1. Truly aweful, and as we all know, the colour of your bike makes it go fast, so I am predicting a technicolour mid field placing for Rossi. But if they add silver stripes...

    I let some other sadistic bugger post a picture and cause you the same amount of retina searing pain I just endured. I'M BLIND!!!

    (Plus I can't post a picture as I don't know how :LOL: )
  4. Seconded!! :rofl:
  5. Wow - looks like something my 11yr old has colored in :shock:
  6. Look at the number 46 on his back, it's fury!

    White and Pink and Blue pastel colours. Even the greens are subdued. Is someone trying to tell us something? The pattern on the AGV is just bad taste.
  7. Oh, you didn't hear about that? It's meant to symbolise the rabbit Rossi will have to pull out of the hat to win this year.
  8. My fellow elder, learned statesman. I sense some deep seated frustration accompanied by an immaculately groomed Japanese shrubbery and water feature. I reccomend a blast on something fast. Or have a root. Either one. :wink:
  9. I am impressed with Dainese. They colour coded everything just for their own love child
  10. I actually like the new color scheme for Rossi.

    He is a flamboyant rider that the fans all love to hate - the Aussie fans that is. So, I think it will be perfect when he wins this weekend.... :twisted: :LOL:

  11. I thought the story was that the past couple of years on the M1 Rossi and Jeremy Burgess had pulled a rabbit out a hat to win. With last years final race crash and defeat to the Kentucky Hick, they decided the rabbit was dead and stuck its remains to his leathers for better luck this season
  12. To quote an old racing aphorism; "If it goes fast it will look good..."
  13. Hadn't heard that one before, very good indeed! :LOL:

    I like Rossi's new decor, by the way.
  14. NOoooo ........ a psychedelic version of a smurf lookalike :shock:

    My desktop is firmly staying with this one :wink:

  15. Sorry, the new 'pastel' colour scheme looks poo.

    As for Desktops, Casey Stoner & Duc looks the best.
  16. Yep much, much moisture in QP

    Commentator "watch out for those Australian rain wizards!" :grin:

    An all Australian front row, how cool would that be!

    Aw c'mon, a man can dream can't he....................
  17. +100 :grin:
  18. For once foxtel is being a biatch and only showing the Motogp race live at 10pm , the 125's and 250's are being shown AFTER the Motogp is finished because of some other live sport nobody cares too much about being on :p
  19. I think Channel 10 is showing the race at 1:00am