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Assen Motogp (Spoiler)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by abvc, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. The doctor is back@!!

  2. Re: Asset Motogp (Spoiler)


    I thought he was never gonna find a way past...

    Ant West in 9th, Vermeulen knocked off by a De Puniet bowling ball.
  3. yeah that was golden. 0.5 gap per lap.. is insane
  4. Did you see the start by Hayden?!? Damn that was the start of the season!

    Rossi taking the win was great for the championship and shows that Michelin have not taken defeat lightly and have worked to get their compounds competitive with Bridgestone.

    I must say I was surprised by how quickly Rossi gapped Stoner after he got past, maybe Casey decided 2nd was all that was required in light of the championship?

    Welcome back Nicky, its about bloody time! Wether you love him or hate him I think you need the reigning world champ competitive. He was beaming in the post race conference, you could tell he was happy.

    Quote of the post race interviews goes to Casey "Im proud to be a Ducati man". What is it with the Aussie - Italian combination that is so good?
  5. What an awesome ride from Vale' :shock: He just carved 'em up.

    Bad luck for Chris :( At least dapoonet will have headache to remind him of his stuff up :evil: , he came down with a fair old thump.

    Great effort by Westy :grin: , beat some seasoned campaigners on much more dialled machines. Excellent 1st dry race!

    And Kleatus is back on the podium! Rode a good race also.
  6. :rofl: Kleatus
  7. Oh De Puniet... :(
  8. Great ride by Rossi & Stoner. You could see that Stoner's bike had a poor rear suspension setup. Casey simply wasn't able to get the power down and the bike was bucking at every opportunity, which is quite unusual 'cos we've rarely seen his bike handle so badly. Just shows his class to get the bike that far ahead even given the obvious troubles with the bike not staying on the ground.

    Rossi's bike was just planted like nothing else. Made it look smooth and easy. It was definitely Michelin and Rossi's day. Amazing ride through the field, and although he got stuck behind Stoner for a while, you just knew that he was going to get past, and once he did he'd be gone, and that's just what happened.

    I was somewhat impressed by Hayden's attitude. It seems that some time at the back of the field has taught him a bit of humility, and he didn't grate anything like as much as he has in the past.

    Pity Vermeulen got taken out by DePuniet. Chris was going backwards, but missed out on points 'cos of that.

    Great ride by West on his 2nd ride. You could see that for ages he was stuck trying to get past Melandri, so much so that when Hoffman got through you really thought that had West gotten past Melandri earlier, West would've finished in front of Hoffman.

    ive sat up all night to watch this shit thinking it was on at 1AM.. just turned over to catch the last 1/2 of the last lap..FUCCCKK!!!!

    ill have to DL it of utube or something now.
  10. Was a good race. Always good to see some stiff competition between countries, manufacturers, tyres. Good stuff. Casey done a good job of holding Rossi off for so long, but Rossi was flying around the track once he tyres heated up. The championship is heating up between them too now.

    Does anyone know why Casey's bike stopped at the end? was it lack of fuel?
  11. Awesome to see Suzuki and Kwaka featuring in the mix. :) Bugger about Vermulen getting bumped.

    This is looking like a brilliant season!
  12. Yep ran out of fuel , apparently a couple of them did
  13. Which was interesting, as at the beginning of the season one of the reasons suggested for the Dukes massive power advantage was that they didn't suffer a fuel consumption issue and some of the Jap bikes did. Now it appears they either cut it very fine with what they put in the tank or they filled it to the brim and now have issues with consumption at the tighter tracks.
  14. Not that I've made a study of it, but my impression was that his Ducati, in fact all Ducatis, move around a lot more even when they are fully under control. In fact, I have been surprised in the early races this year by how stable his ducati has been, which I put down to his power advantage and the consequence that he didn't need to use all the bike had. I have been congratulating him on how smooth he has been riding the Ducati.

    Loris at his best always had the Ducati squirming. Hell, even mine squirms if you push it hard enough, but it doesn't feel unstable doing it.

    Rossi's Yamaha on the other hand has always been rock solid, and to see any movement was to be surprised.

  15. PM sent regarding downloading.

  16. received and very much appreciated. thanks heaps :D
  17. Got it downloaded and watched...

    That has got to be the most gruling track... I think looking at the post race interview that the reason Casey had nothing to come back at Rossi with after being passed, was just a fitness thing.
    He looked like he had been put through a cement mixer by the end.

    But he definatly showed he can handle it tight and twisty without just letting the bike speak for him.
  18. Like I said, Casey's bike wasn't handling right, and he'd been fighting it the entire race.

    Setup is oh-so important. Valentino's got years of experience with setup with the various tracks, and with Jerry Burgess behind him - the setup engineer who's been behind over 50% of the world champion wins in the last 20 years.