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Assaulted in traffic

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by taymaishu, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. I won't say much as I am pressing charges for assault, but I was run up the ass by a driver this morning in peak hour traffic (looked on purpose).

    He got out, said I didn't deserve to have a licence and grabbed my throat and choked me.

    Pushed my bike over, forked the gear shifter.

    Truckie stopped and gave me a hand, he had recorded all the details.

    Police on their way to work now.

    For my 5th day on public roads, it's shaken me up a fair bit.
  2. Mate that is terrible, hope it all goes well for you.
  3. Bugger to hear about this but I'm glad you have a witness and are ok by the sound of it if s little shaken.
    On a brighter note in a lame attempt to cheer you up, are you changing your mood from yer haw to bit sore now?
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  4. Sorry to read that. Dont let it put you off. Good though that you have a witness and charges are pending.
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  5. Mate that is shocking, i'm glad you have a witness and will get some recourse through pressing charges etc.

    i know you can't say much but i'm interested to know what happened in order for the guy to ram you then assault you..

    hope you're okay and everything works out man.
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  6. I'm sure Justus will come in with some advice for you, but you cant actually press charges, I believe the police will decide whether to charge the guy based on the evidence you and the witness provide. You may want to pursue a civil case for damages to your bike and your person if there are any.
    These pricks never seem to pick on the ones who would spread their nose all over their face, cowardly shites.
    Once its prudent to do so you might want to explain the events leading up to the encounter.
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  7. Moral of the story for the other guy; don't smoke meth (allegedly). Had a few run ins with guys who have clearly been hitting the shards recently myself.
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  8. This is true, but if they try to just issue a neg drive ticket, push them to do more. The situation deserves it.

    Also, I believe there could be road rage laws in NSW (?). So might be more than assault.

    Keep us informed.
  9. Disgraceful.......no matter what actually occurred prior to the physical assault - the driver needs to be taken off the road if he can't control his impulses.

    Glad you're okay - keep us informed.

    I know this will shake you up as a new rider - take some time to reflect on things, don't let the excessive behaviour of one moronic, inbred, caveman put you off pursing riding.

    Chin up mate.
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  10. Jesus mate glad you came out more or less okay. Hope this doesn't shake you up so much so that you stop riding, because 99.99% of the time it's great fun and not b.s like this
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  11. He rear ends you and you get beat up for it??????


    Ask the police to press charges. If they are your instructions, they will consider them.
  12. Also should be able to get him for wilful property destruction- pushing your bike over.
  13. Or would it be malicious damage?
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  14. Could well be
  15. Isn't it 'assault' that he even layed a finger on you, let alone grabbed you're throat???

    I say take it as far as you can. Lay as many charges as possible.
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  16. The way I read the post, the rear-ending may have been a deliberate part of the assault. I guess when it's all settled we'll find out.
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  17. I was taught that Asault can be the mere threat to harm a person combined with the ability to do so.That interpretation could vary from state to state though I suppose.
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  18. Five days on public roads and that happens? That sucks, mate. I'm assuming you're on L plates? I remember being on Ls and just wanting to get rid of them to get rid of the idiots who seemed to see the plate as some sort of challenge. They'd ride my arse and do all sorts of stupid shit just because of that plate, no matter whether I was riding well or not. As soon as the plate went, it all stopped like magic.

    Let us know how it works out, and good luck!
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  19. That's horrible. Hope you're OK, you would be pretty shaken up by that.

    Lucky you have a witness. All the best!
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