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Asphalt on hot days

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by boho, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Been riding for about two weeks now - thanks Chairman! :D - and having a ball.

    As you all know, every time you tell someone you ride a motorbike you get two things: 1. a reminder to ride safely - der, and 2. some useless hint they think might help even though they don't know the first thing about a vehicle with any less than five tyres (don't forget the spare). ;)

    Anyway, heard one today i thought i might ask about. Apparently, the guy i was chatting to left his bike on some asphalt one very hot day and when he came back his bike was on it's side after the stand SANK into the hot asphalt.

    Possible? Important? Anyone else had it happen to them?

    Cheers, een.
  2. ive seen cases of it happening before even think there has been some on here with photos.

    from memory one person unsuccessfullu tried to take the local council to court when his stand sank into the footpath.

    dont really think there is much you can do about it though to be honest.

    and whenever anyone reminds you to ride safely just agree and say that you are always a safe rider....then ride off 50m without your helmet ...then realise and come back saying "i hate it when i forget this thing...it keeps the wind out of my eyes"
  3. Happens quite a lot. Squashed beer can is the favoured improvised preventative.
  4. :LOL:
  5. Had a friend almost loose his bike that way last weekend - and its not even summer yet! His stand had sunk about 1" into the bitumen. It was on the side of the road on a country road where there had been some resurfacing done not too long ago. I guess they sometimes mix up a softer than normal batch!
  6. One way to help prevent it happening would be to - park with the sidestand on concrete rather than the black stuff, since concrete doesn't go soft on 40*C days.

    Better solution - carry a small 'puck' or piece of wood or whatever to place under the sidestand on hot days, to increase the effective surface area of the sidestand's foot.

    More surface area = less pressure on the ground = less chance of sinking in.
  7. Yes to all of the above, Spots. ;)
  8. +1 on the squashed can.
  9. Which way do you squash it? I'm an end to end man myself :grin: .
  10. Possible? Yes, it happened to me last summer. I had my bike parked on a footpath (ashphalt) on a 32 degree day and as I was walking back to my bike I suddenly saw it keel over. Not happy!!!

    Important? Yes! got some nasty and expensive scratches.

    I now carry a small square of wood with me for hot days, or very wet days if I am going to be parking on ground that could get soft. And definitely go for the concrete over asphalt any day. I like the squashed can idea though, must remember that in an emergency!
  11. Squashed can? What an improvised and impoverished solution.

    I have one of THESE, and I got it for free from a UK motorcycle magazine


    een, it is a very common hazard especially in our warm summer climates. I recommend you carry something with you at all times, like the above. You may not just have access to a can you can squash when you need one. (Works for muddy surfaces, grass, etc etc, as well, of course)
  12. You reckon? This is Australia, litterbug capital of the universe. There is always a can around when needed :) .
  13. i drink beer while im riding for this exact same reason.
  14. :LOL:
  15. i thought you were all talking shit.... till i got to work this arvo and looked at the ground (which i'd noticed before but never taken note of) in the bike only carpark and noticed all these stand sized holes in the ground..... i now know where i wont be parking com summer time!
  16. Yup, happened at Kiama, we came back to find the bikes had sunk a cm or two into the road! Hot day + semi newish road and it'll happen. Luckily it wasn't long enough for anyones bike to actually fall over.

    Anything to spread the weight load over a larger surface will help.

    The same is true for muddy ground - this in combination with those psychotic storms we had in sydney early 07, contributed to my 250 falling over whilst I was in hospital.
  17. It depends how many I have had :p
  18. Walk into a supermarket .. coffee section. Remove a lid off a coffee jar & keep it under your seat. Use it under your sidestand when needed.

    Oh .. If you're a coffee drinker, may as well buy the jar :LOL:
  19. mm, one finds this good to know about this given that we are looking at some nicer weather .. well not today certainly, but we can hope.

    One would like to know what would the ideal attributes of a good pucker thingy be ?

    How big? At least 7cm or bigger?
    Non-slip bottom .. something that wont move easily away from where you put it .. perhaps even a little spikey?
    Or should it be just plain and ordinary so that it fits easily wherever you can put it?
  20. or you could just use the lid from a tin of milo! (good excuse to get the 1.5kg tin too)

    edit: i guess you'd have to eat (drink?) the tin before you used it though...