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Asking the Waitress on a Date

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Dante, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. I was at Homebush Bay Brewery yesterday & i wanted to ask this attractive waitress for a date, but couldn't get her attention. When I was able to catch her eye, she quickly looked away. Anyway Finally I followed her into the kitchen and blurted out an invitation to drinks. To My amazement, she readily consented.

    I asked her, "Why have you been avoiding me all this time? You wouldn't
    even make eye contact?"

    "Oh," she said, "I thought you wanted the table cleaned down or Somthing."
  2. LOL.
    I'd hit that but not commit.
    You might have problems in finding you're the only one trying to keep your house nice coz the missus is always out because she thinks you're wanted her to help out around the house in maintaining it. ;)
  3. pays to have a bit of guts hey Dante, good work [img:25:18:adbe083792]http://forum.ski.com.au/ultimate/graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img:adbe083792]
  4. Good work indeed.

    A mate and i once took a waitress home - but not because of guts, we were just mouthing off, saying come on come home with us, and she did. :cool:
  5. Dante you cunning dog!! Don't you people realise what he's up to? We're going there for tea on Tuesday Night and he just wants a cheap meal :LOL:

    Seriously, well done, mate, you'll never die wondering.....
  6. Well done Dante, good work mate!! But has anyone noticed what forum this is posted in??

    Are you having us on you tricky bugger??
  7. good work mate! she has probably been eyeing you off the whole time and never had the courage to ask you out :wink: Those women are a funny crowd, sometimes very easy to understand, then they realise we are understanding them so they change everything :facepalm:
  8. ......and look at the time and date.....1st April mean anything to anyone anymore.....?
  9. Well done, unfortunately the same stunt backfired on me a month or two ago at monday coffee :oops:

    No, we're too old for that :p ;)
  10. yes jokes and humor. did it really happen or is it april 1 ?
  11. atleast you had the guts booga to ask mate :)
  12. i believe dante has the right to call everyone an april fool...

    yet it is somewhat believable...

    hehehe :)
  13. Is that your real phone number dante?
  14. yes that is a real phone number
  15. I told y....... never mind *giggles*

    [singing]smooth operator[/singing]
  16. but you still have tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday & sunday coffee to go - so the odds out of 6 saying 'no' ...........? and of course, you could double your chances by asking 2 waitress each time :p :grin:
  17. Very good - you should have said somthing cute in responce to "I thought you wanted the table cleaned down or Somthing." like "Why would i make a lovely lady such as yourself do that?"

    But you got her number! WELL DONE!!!
    It reminds me of that "Love is in the air" song lol