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Asking perhaps too much of a Learner legal...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by cambolt, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. I'm currently thinking of getting my Ls, I'm mostly a car person (translation for bikers: cager), always have been, but every month or so I get a bout of motorbike obsession. Now I think it might be time to take the plunge and at least try it out. So I want a bike that is reasonably cheap (hopefully <5k), and importantly something that would be suited to city traffic, commuting etc, and also highways and back roads on the weekends. I'll be riding around and into Sydney most of the time, but I'll also need to be making highway trips of about 1.5 hours a couple of times a week and twisty roads on weekends. Is there a bike that would be suited for my purposes that is learner legal?
    I love the look of naked bikes, eg BMW F800R, but I'm thinking the lack of the fairing on these might be troublesome on the highway. (and obviously the F800R is over budget and not learner legal)

    Sorry if I'm asking too much here, and I understand that you must get loads of questions like this but, oh well

    Thanks in advance

  2. have a look at a gs500.
    naked bikes aren't too bad and the lack of fairings can prevent licence shredding speeds.
  3. gs500 or the faired model

    bulletproof stuff, and thanks to LAMS if you look after it well, you should be able to sell it a a minimal loss

    (listen to Mr Honda plugging a Suzuki :LOL:)
  4. GS500F was the first thing that came to my mind too. You obviously can't have all at the same time, there has to be compromises but that will do all very well, other things to consider that would be cheap are the hyosung nakeds gt650
  5. drz400sm
  6. I don't put the visor down on my helmet till I am doing over 80. A 100/110 the wind is not a problem. Maybe the first few times you venture into it. But after that nothing.
    If anything it takes the weight off your hands and keeps you around the legal speed limit.
  7. gs500 *yawn*

    super retard *ftw*
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  8. Thanks all for your replies.
    I'm still looking around, but the GS500 seems pretty good. The gs500f looks much better, but I think the fairing might be a problem if (when) I drop it.
    Super retard? Probably.
  9. Super retard is a play on Super Motard, which is the type if bike that Jimmy D suggested.

    I doubt if you will get a GS500f on your budget, the drz either. You could also look for an er5 which is the same as the GS but Kawasaki
  10. DR650.

    With a stone fairing :)
  11. oh oh I wanna stone fairing where can I get one?
  12. ...Til you catch a piece of gravel/glass or a bug.. at 80kmph that can do some serious damage to your eye. Look at the stone chips on the front of your bike :|
  13. Yes lol very true.
    But I have sunnies with B&L safety glass lenses in them on. Bared eyed you will water up doing 60.
  14. I have had an unfaired GS500 for almost 2 years. I love it. It has enough poke to overtake and have some fun on the weekend. I haven't had any dramas with wind at highway speeds (or perhaps a bit higher...). I have been keeping an eye on what they are going for (looking to maybe sell and upgrade next year, street triple r if you have to know) and I reckon one for under 5k is do-able. Might have a few kms, but no probs there