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Asking for model suggestions.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by jimmyjames182, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Ride a honda cb250 at the moment. On my l's and it suits me for now. Will upgrade when I'm on my full lic.

    Havn't really settled on any model at the moment but if I went for a cruser I like the idea of mid mounted controls - think they might result in a keeping some body weight off my back.

    I'm 6'2 100kg - any suggestions on a nice cruiser with mid mounted controls so I can start narrowing the field a little?

  2. Jimmy,

    Not sure the low seat of a cruiser lends itself to mid mount controls that a tall guy like you would find comfortable. I am the same hight as you and I moved my controls another 3 1/2 inches forward on my M50 to accommodate my long legs.

    I assume you are looking for a riding position that puts some of the load on your legs rather than lower back. If that is the case a cruiser may not be for you. Perhaps a bike like a Triumph Tiger would be a better fit, particularly given your height.
  3. Laetitia Casta. That woman is all class.
  4. Thanks ian, when I originally set out to get the lic I'd fallen for the triumph bonneville and still think it might be a good fit.

    A friend is trying to put me on a harley sportster but I think that's so our wives can keep each other company at the local harley club christmas party :) With harleys all i think about is how much security you seem to need to keep em.

    I like the honda shadow with it's shaft drive low mtance but to be honest I'm just starting out so thought it a question worth asking.

    I really like an upright riding position and think if cruisers (which look so good) are out then it's a sports tourer for me. Anyone with other suggesitons?
  5. Spend some time in bike shops sitting on the various models.

    When you get your full licence, take as many for a test ride as you can.

    All the modern Jap cruisers will do a good job, but which one fits you best.

    Harley Sportster not really at the top of the list to be stolen. Harley's bit of a price premium, but buy a good used one (post 04 as it has rubber mounted engine) and shouldn't lose too much
  6. Maybe the cruisers with footboards may suit, you can move your feet around more and not as stretched out as pegs.
  7. I'm 6'1, and a bit overweight. I had a VT750C Shadow, briefley, I went up to the Honda VTX 1300 after only 3 months or so 'cos the 750 didn't really have enough 'legs' The VTX is a beautiful ride IMO, my long legs sit nicely along the floorboards and the handling, for a Cruiser, is reasonably responsive. Take one for a test ride, they're a lovely ride!


  8. I am 6'3" and 130kg and find the C50 a fabulous ride. Very comfortable position, floor boards mean you can move your feet around, holds the road and handles very well and responsive when needed.

    Take few for a ride you will find one that fits.
  9. I'm 5'4" 65kg..
    Guess I'll sit this one out :oops:
  10. I bet your bike looks big when you sit on it though. :p
  11. Been pulled when I was on restrictions cause it looked like I was on a 600 :p