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Asking a big favour...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Any Sydney-originating ride brings for me a constant challenge; it's anywhere between 130 - 160kms from my place to the start point. Double that and on any given ride I do about twice the mileage of everyone else and get home hours later.

    I'm not complaining, mind; I love to ride, and ride with people I know, even if only virtually (to begin with). Just commenting.

    So with the 'off-official' Putty Ride coming up this weekend, staring as it will at the base of the Old Pac and doing the reverse loop, I wonder if some kind Netrider might have a spare bed somewhere near the start point so I can ride there on Saturday night and shave at least 130kms off the total distance for Sunday?

    I'm fully house-trained and only occasionally do I bring along the chain saw and hack up the room :LOL:
  2. Anybody?.....anyone?..........anyone?.........
  3. All rides now start a further 50Kms North.
  4. In fairness, not everyone lives at the starting point.
  5. Where's the start point?
  6. from the thread

    a couple of riders on yesterdays Monthly Putty run suggested that we do an off Monthly Putty run in a fortnight as some of them could not make it to the next one in August.

    Since its an off run we all agreed that we should do it in the opposite or anti clockwise direction.

    Basically we shall meet:

    9am at Berowra Mobil Corner Waratah Rd & Pacific Hwy Berowra

    on Sunday 22.7.12

    & ride the Putty Rd in the anti clockwise direction doing the usual stops along the way.

    All welcome....just let me know who is coming.

    thats how i remember the plan so let me know if i missed something.

    Weather permitting btw.

    Riders confirmed:

    sbb (tentative)
    BillyO +1 (tentative)
  7. Nowhere near me. :p