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Askin a Favour (Brisbane)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lightassassin, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    Have a strange request, I'm picking up my new bike tomorrow (yes pics etc... will be posted) and my jacket hasn't turned up yet (yay postage is always reliable...), so rather than picking up a jacket I'd only use once ever. Was wondering if anybody had one to spare for a day? Obviously if any thing happens to your jacket I'll pay for a replacement.

    Cheers if you can help, if not I understand.

    Thanks in advance guys,

  2. yes, can help out there. Will take it into work at spring hill, if that helps.
  3. I got 3 jackets... I have a leather you could borrow (provided I get it back :p because it is a friends)...

    I live in Spring Hill... PM if u need it
  4. and if after all them, i've got a textile jacket you can borrow mate. shoot us a pm if needed.
  5. haha i offered to lend him one of my leathers size 56 euro and 46 us.. he doesnt fit in them I don tthink
  6. lightassassin = heavyassassin?
  7. Better let us know what size your after?
    And which side of brisbane your on. Its a big old town!
  8. Cheers guys, tureliner I got my sizes mixed up lol, that was a size that would fit (53 euro size...). It's all good I just got one for wet weather anywany, so no fuss.

    Typical though, at the bank 10am to sort that out and went straight to get the bike.. turns out my gear arrived at 10am.... lol

    Again thanks for the offers guys! Also watch this space.... new bike threat incoming =D
  9. hurry up :p what did u get?