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Ask a ninja - Inspired by Hubie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by negatron, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Dear all,

    After reading officer hubie's brave post i have decided to follow in his footsteps and start this thread.

    Ask any question that you ever wanted to a ninja.

    I'd tell you a bit about myself, but all that doesn't matter.

    I have a day job and a normal identity, but by night (or sometimes in the day when I need to) I become the swift dark death dealer which is ninja.

    Do not be afraid! Speak!
  2. Isn't it a little early to be on the crack pipe mate? :shock:
  3. Ok, I'll play.

    How do you walk in all that cloth but not make any rustling noises??
  4. If your're referring to the opium that we use to drug our subjects.

    no. it is not.

    However the day job is long a ardous.

    Perhaps this would have been better received in the jokes section.
  5. the ninja suits are actually quite body fitting so there is normally little rustling anyway.

    however in the case of fat ninjas there some rustle during movement whent the bulgey bits contact.

    In ancient times said fat ninja would apply wax to the portions of the suit to minimise the sound.

    Nowadays with the magic of teflon even the fattest of the death sqauds can move aroudn in silence
  6. Okay, what do you think of the "Ask a Ninja" Ninja? Is he even really a Ninja?
  7. The "Ask a ninja" ninja is currently a part time ninja with a day job.

    Since the Asian Currency crisis in '97 And the glamourisation of western styled hitmen by Hollywood there has been a steady deline in the need of hired assassins of the ninja variety.

    As such many ninjas have gone out into industry to pay the bills and put sushi on the tables.

    However, as long as these "non-practising" assassins can till pass their regular ninjitsu compliance tests they are still allowed to keep their status as death dealers.

    here is one of our local ninjas that now works as an Accountant by day.

    P.s. That ain't me, I would never be seen wearing my part time ninja t-shirt without my sword

  8. [​IMG]

    Congratulations for getting fooled by a nOOb & not knowing the
    bleeding obvious..








  9. After Nicarus, can you close the door behind you

  10. I understand that it is fairly important to keep a low profile, so do you know if iridium or tinted helmet visors are legal in your state?
    I tend to use them for that very reason in my state.
  11. The youtube 'ask a ninja' is much better.
  12. This just further proves my theory that you can never trust anyone that rides a scooter.
  13. Ninja's generally don't worry too much about the legalities when we're on the job.

    However, it is best to find whatever is legal and blends into the back ground so that there isn't too much attention drawn to you when your're riding with a katana strapped to the back of your ride.
  14. Yes he is,

    That's coz he's got sponsorship now and can afford to hire a full time crew to run the killing side of business.

    This allows him to focus his ninja powers on his new website.


    He even sells T-shirts...

  15. Why? Did a girl that rode a scooter break your heart?

    I'd get a normal bike but i just can't fit my entire kit of killing tools on one.

    Having a bag full of smoke bombs strapped to the pillion seat is not a ninja's idea of travelling in silence.

    Besides, with me puttering on a scooter, it gives my bike riding targets a sporting chance to get away. *

    *this is a lie, you cannot escape a ninja, but it helps to give them hope.
  16. [​IMG]

    ninja, huh?! where'd you get your credentials?
  17. Ahh... the old I need to kill someone but I left my gear at home guide.

    I should have a dig for my "how everything is a weapon guide" from my L plater days.

    Perhaps you are a ninja too twainharte. I got my training at the big hq training school in kyoto. You know the one just near that great sushi place? What about u?
  18. er, no.

    however, i have traveled in japan. yes, around kyoto, as well.
  19. ahh, death by frisbee, that's one clever kid...

    a little too clever, methinks I'll have to send one of the squad down ona recruitment visit soon...