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Ask a guy whos geting drunk alone for the 1st time anything

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Camel Salesman, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. I use to talk to friends online late at night during the weekday and ask them what they are doing, they'd reply saying they are drinking bourbon... I never understood how people could drink alone.

    Here I am, with carton cracked open, alone at the computer playing around with my new illuminated keyboard drinking Jim Beam bourbon and cola... I am two 4 packs in and by the strike of mid night will be off with the fairies. while i still retain the ability to type let me ask the members of netrider:

    is this the start of something bad?
    is this the beginning of alcoholism?

    I have no excuse to be doing this. anyone else here done this before?

    Merry Xmas riders

    :beer: :beer:
  2. Guilty. And im against alcohol, but a few weeks ago a friend and me went out and went past a bottleshop and i got a 10pack of Jim, i didnt drink it till i got home (my friend was driving so he didnt have any either). i only had a few cans while watching tv,.

    I dont even like alcohol, but every so often (probably once a month) i find myself with a can in my hand with a mate at the local RSL.

  3. You are 18 bro? What's the go with that?

    When you drink at Clubs and parties do you just have one and no more?

  4. the 'once a month' is cos i havent gone out to a club or pub for about a month, before then i dont know how often id go,

    Depends where i am, if i was at the TAB or a Club id probly only have about 4 drinks, depends on who im with, whether i wanna get hammered or not, how im getting home and how much money i have in my pocket, The last time i went to a party me and my mate split a slab.

    But since then im just not much of a drinker (only cos i dont have a job at the moment so cant afford it :LOL: )

  5. fcuk staying at home n drinking.
    i dont mind a drink or two, but im over getting shitfaced.
    i work at a clun, love going out!
    cant wait to get the licence back, means im out clubbing sober, riding home.
    was jsut at the local, Ruby's, with a sh!tload of mates from school n about, sinking a few, good to catch up with everyone.
    cant see the point of drinking alone though, bugger that.
    as you anything?
    what point do you see in drinking alone?
    what is your aim?
  6. there is no point in drinking alone. it just makes any tv show more enjoyable lol

  7. thats why i dont bother with TV to begin with :p
  8. Going to do it again tonight... :shock:
  9. I do it because my life is pretty piss poor and has been for a long time. I spiral towards alcoholism, alone, in darkness.

    Psalm 88:18
  10. I drink about a half bottle of wine every evening after work
    When you work 12 hour days in IT, something's gotta give.

    Don't feel too bad about it, just don't let it become a habit, let it be your choice - there is a difference.
  11. You don't see anything paradoxical here?

    Just going through an issue with a family member who "let's it be her choice" to have 4 to 6 standard drinks a night and ends up incoherent, but denies that she has a problem with alcohol.
  12. fark after a long day at work i cant think of anything better than going home and knocking back a few beers... i dont have to, nor do i need to..

    I just enjoy beer, and relaxing watching the tv with the dog and smashing a few back is a great way to end the day