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Asian girl rider in Melbourne :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Yui CBR, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Hello fellow riders!

    Yui from west side, i got my bike stolen recently (it's been registered for more info) but I am considering of getting a new one once everything get sorted! Looking for riding buddy like other girls, there aren't much of us around. I haven't done much riding so I would probably need heaps of coaching:p

    Nice to be a part of this, and hope you guys have an awesome riding day today too it's beautiful outside!!!!!
  2. welcome you can join my harem down at the saturday learners practice
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  3. Welcome Yui. Have you ever heard about the Saturday morning practice in Elwood? Going to these is definitely worthwhile for meeting other netriders and getting great advice.

    Its a shame to hear about having your bike stolen. When do you think you'll be back on the road?
  4. Hi Yui and welcome :) There's heaps of girls riding around now - much better than a few years back. Saturday practice is the perfect place to meet them. Have fun :)
  5. Welcome! I saw your thread on your stolen bike, bummer. It is a nice bike and looks like you loved your bike!
  6. Welcome aboard Yui. You wouldn't happen to know someone by the name of Minh?
  7. Welcome aboard, hope your bike issue gets sorted :)
  8. Lol welcome... See u at uncle gregs Saturday practice.
  9. Definitely, once I get my bike sorted! thank you :)
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  10. No I havent heard about it but now Im definitely going :)
    (Of course once I get everythign sorted!) I would say another month or so, as Im goin to claim the insurance thingy, then check out the CBR500 and see how it goes!
  11. I havent met many girls so if I can get some contact with them :).. It would be AWESOME! hehe Saturday it is then!
  12. Yes I did, I just miss riding it. I am now looking into getting CBR500 so well see how it goes.
  13. Yes YES YEEEESS! I do know Minh, if thats the same Minh that we are talking about :) I was just messaging him a week ago about what happened to my bike...
    PM me! (he is no longer rider lol)
  14. Hope so too! Thank you :)
  15. I think he'll be the guy in the trench coat handing out lollies :p
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  16. Welcome Yui
  17. Thank you:)
  18. Welcome to NR. :)
  19. Welcome Yui, I think you are going to fit in just fine around here :) Hope to see you at Sat practice when you get your bike sorted.
  20. Thank yoou:) I wish I was from neverland too :p