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Asia trip

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Has anyone done a trip from say Singapore to Hong Kong on there bike? I was thinking instead of backpacking South East Asia next time, I might buy a bike and ride it. Anyone know of any info out there on riding through multiple S.E.A countries?

    I feel like an adventure. Im sure it would take months of planning, but im not in any hurry.
  2. If you aint in a hurry, just buy a plane ticket, and rock up to your predetermined start point, buy/hire bike, go from there. Thats how Ive always done it :grin:
  3. Yeah I wish it was that easy. If i hire a bike say in Singapore or Malaysia, how do I get it back to them from Hong Kong? Im a little disappointed that Vietnam has a limit on cc to a max of 110cc. Im thinking of buying the off/on road tourer bike here in Aus, and then shipping it there and back.

    Cheers for the input too :D
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  5. i rode an old minsk in north vietnam which i am sure was more than 110 cc...about 200 cc i think..great bike!
  6. Bloody amazing stuff. Thanks for the link
  7. im planning a similar trip with some mates riding to darwin, shipping our bikes to singapore (about $300 - $400 per bike). http://www.perkins.com.au/
    You dont have to crate them or pull them apart or anything. and i heard that you can get a bigger bike in to Vietnam, you just have to ride along the border to one of the smaller border crossings where apparently they dont care about yr engine size and once yr in no one checks.

    EDIT: Whoops. maybe not - "Vietnam had a maximum legal size for a motorbike of 125-cc; therefore, my 1,000-cc BMW was not allowed to cross the border into the country. Some have managed to get 'big bikes ' into Vietnam, but once inside unknowingly face confiscation by authorities."
  8. Hi all,

    RE Vietnam: I have spoken to a guy who's got the same bike as mine Honda CB 900cc, he is Vietnamese and lives in Vietnam. He sent us a photos of his friends too. Some of them are running very fast and huge cc sport bikes too. So it looks things are changing quickly.
    Check the photos from Vietnam below:

    twistngo, lil_clair, are you coming to Tintaldra on next HU meeting ?
    My coleague from work and I are planning to do Australia to Europe trip in July/August next year so if you don't mind I'd like to ask you couple of questions and exchange some information.


    Plan is once we get to Europe border to separate, he will be going to London and I will be going to Belgrade.

    However, we're still in a very early phase so all options are under scrutiny and any information about any transit country (Vietnam and China) are welcomed.
  9. really wanted to go to that HU meet but wont make it. still waiting for my bike. was sposed to pick it up today ](*,)
    me & my travel buddies are still in early stages of trip (planned for 9/09) but would still be great to have a chat and look forward to following yr progress. maybe there will be another ride before you go where we could meet in the middle. looking at yr website you look pretty organized already.
  10. No. Still in the early planning stages and was looking to see what was feasible.
  11. i dont think there are any companies in Singapore and Malaysia that do bike rentals. If u are planning to buy a bike in Aus then shipping it there, i suggest you buy a bike in Singapore instead since bikes there are slightly cheaper than here in Aus. I know the bike scene in Singapore pretty well, so if u need more details, feel free to PM me
  12. 2 months worth of undies!! jeez. you'll need a separate rack bag for that :butt:

    (sorry for hijack)
  13. hahaha i knew someone will notice that.
    to be honest no idea how many undies people carry on the long trips. also i have no idea if the places where we're going to stay have laundry/drying facilities, so the worst case scenario is 60 undies (i think one per day is a must after 300-500kms :)
    there was a suggestion to find a motorcycle shop in big cities in china and buy new jackets, pants, boots, gloves, etc... then everything send back home by china post. undies will go to the rubbish bin :)
    also, presumption is that everything made in china is "cheap" in china.

    those simple but important questions have to ask people who had done long trips.

  14. To be honest, Chinese businesses will not hesitate to rip off a Caucasian. You might want to reconsider buying your gear in China unless you have a local guide.
  15. Rather than hire, maybe look at purchasing only drama with that is the trying to sell the bike when you've finished with it? Or you could go to a travel agent and see who they'd use - then possibly contact the company yourself (save yourself the agent fees).

    Also do your research on border crossings and definately check out Lonely Planet guides. I'm planning a Thailand/Cambodia/Loas/Vietnam trip and found Lonely Planet guides have had some great advice and good route suggestions as well as ways to avoid getting any traffic fines while your over there.
  16. Travelling with bikes options...

    I have only ridden within Thailand, but the forum I frequent is often visited by the Round the World (RTW) riders… www.gt-rider.com …

    Horizons Unlimited is really the only resource worth using if you are looking at doing multiple countries…

    You best options are to hire a bike in each country you are trying to transit through (very hard work) or taking your bike with you from home… pretty much every country you ride through will expect you to bring a carnet (carnet de passage???) that is like a visa for expensive items (in this case a bike) that says you will take it out of the country with you… if you don't you have to pay the local duty etc on the bike (so you can't just sell it in the last country you visit…

    For that reason, I think it would be hard to buy a bike in Singapore unless you can get it registered in your name in Singapore… much easier to freight your bike from home, but slightly more expensive… Malaysia seems to be a favoured option to Thailand or Singapore unless you want to say you have ridden all the way…

    You are very unlikely to get a big bike into Vietnam, you are very unlikely to be allowed to ride in China without a Chinese registered bike…

    Best of luck with the planning, but be careful of paralysis by analysis…

    To get 3 days laundry done in Thailand costs about $Au1.20… any more than 3 days underwear is just extra luggage…