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Ash's addiction

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Diff, May 22, 2016.

  1. So... My name's Ash and i want to ride my bike. All the time. As soon as i get off it, I wonder if I can get out again that day. I look at the clock on my speedo when I get close to home and the little voice says "just one quick loop around the kew boulevard - it's good practice"

    I've been bitten and I find myself trying to find any spare hour or two to jump on the bike and go.

    Got home early today from a night away with the Mrs and little one.. "Hey Hun, I'm just gonna go for a little ride to Diamond Creek." Off I went..

    2 and a bit hrs later I have learned so much (again). Why are motorcycle riders better people? Because they care. About everything. About every little detail. It's like that show "person of interest" with the supercomputer that identifies and profiles everyone. I find myself looking at every driver, doing the same... P plater.... 80+.... bad lane postioning, wandering... badly maintained car... Is that SMIDSY???!! Nope, ride on.

    Then there's the road surface, every bit of it. Expect the unexpected - A fcuking maccas cup in the middle of a wheel track 5km out of hurstbridge! I bet it was SMIDSY!!!! *shakes fist*

    Speaking of, fortunately I didn't see SMIDSY, I did come very close to meeting his missus who was out for a drive with the girls (Prue and Sue I assume) from Toorak(?) In their landcruiser cutting a right hander and looking me dead in the eyes as I banked away from her so as not to scratch her "pearl whaite" colour coded bumper.

    More riding = more lessons and more questions it seems. So here's mine for today - I can boil it down to two things when cornering right (left feels fine), I think it's vison and road position. I know I need to look with my chin to the vanishing point, but the bike (me) keeps wanting to sit between the wheel tracks when cornering right. So should be adjusting my gaze to the outside wheel track at the vanishing point? Or do I just need to bite my wrist more (thanks Andrew on uncle Greg's ride a few weeks back). Advice?

    Also worth noting I found cornering right easier on the roads up to Diamond Creek, then the above started happening when the narrowed on the way up to St Andrews.
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  2. gday DiffDiff and welcome to NR - you're an obvious freak so will fit in nicely here. regarding your righthanders, they are something that I've never been comfortable with and have reached the stage where I now overthink them. I love lefthanders. I think the rights cause me concern due to oncoming traffic and the voices in my head are very powerful.

    I'm not sure of the feminine for SMIDSY but sounds like Prue and Sue could work.
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  3. Cheers Chilliman. I think I've just got to trick my head in to it!
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  4. I need to ride more and maybe get some rider training done to work on the faults that have crept in
  5. welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to everything two wheeled.

    Yes, riding is 'somewhat' addictive. I think the only cure is to 'ride' it out...
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  6. G'day Ash, welcome to NR.

    There are several variations of SMIDSY. I think the correct one for Toorak/Vaucluse tractor drivers whether male of female is WCPIWELFYBIAAM. It's not quite as catchy as SMIDSY and it stands for;

    Who Cares Pleb, I Wasn't Even Looking For You Because It's All About Me.
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