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Asho's New Baby!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by asho101, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys & Girls,

    Well as some of you may or may not know, I finally got around to upgrading from the Babyblade!

    So, here is my new beast.

    2001 R1
    Full Akra System
    K&N Air Filter
    Ohlins Rear Shock
    Ohlins Damper
    Braided Lines
    Tinted Screen
    1/4 Throttle
    Dynoed & Jetted

    She is an absolute monster!

    The Ohlins Shock & Damper has made it a completely different bike than the other early R1's I have ridden, it actually doesn't want to go to 12 o'clock out of every corner!

    Bucket loads of usable power and a midrange to die for.

    I got it the Friday before last. Since then I have been down the Great Ocean Road twice & used it as my daily commuter to work. Hasn't shown any flaws at all! I just love it more and more everytime I get on it!

    I ended up test riding a few newer bikes, but I just couldn't justify the extra thousands to go to a newer model. Rather put that towards upgrading the girlfriends bike as well (she loves riding the R1!)

    I have named her Diablo!

    And she put me back $8,500.




    *MOD EDIT - 3 Pictures maximum*

    I hope you enjoy! Finally got to take a few pics tonight!

  2. nice bike!! just 1 question... when are u getting it a new paint job.; the colour is awful
  3. Congratulations on your new bike asho101, it looks absolutely gorgeous and the colour is beautiful. Now all you need is some Rammstein on the ipod and you should be good for a few tickets :) on the gor. Good pics as well. Diablo hey :) . Beware the assasins......
  4. Haha, the photo's don't do it justice.

    Went out for pics and it was a little dark.

    The red is really bright red, not that off red it looks like.

    Paint job is the last thing it needs!
  5. Good onya Asho.. Take it easy on the new beast. :twisted:
  6. Rammstein...haven't heard them since "Du Hast" - will have to get some of their music! Good riding stuff.

    True about the tickets on the GOR, 2 mates got done last weekend...just make sure you slow down in the 60 zones people!
  7. 101, very nice ride you have picked up mate!
  8. Nice, them ohlins is worth about 2000 alone! BTW the braided lines are perfect on the front and *just* enough to tweak to fit onto the back. Mine stops a lot better now.
  9. diablo

    hey asho, I too have recently got an R1 also.Exactly the same as yours. picked mine up for 10k.new tyers 8 months reg.and in MINT condition. I love it. Riding is limited as I bought it mainly to take to the track every couple of months.My wife has taken over my VFR 750 ,so what is a bloke to do. I had my first track day on sunday 23rd at the island. It just blew me away how good it is in the corners. I had the advantage of riding an 07 blade back to back with the r1 so I was able to make a good comparison .blade was very stable and smooth. awsome fun but the r1 feels like a 600 in size and handling but has the 1000cc as the kicker. The bloke I bought it from kept tellin me how wild it was but I have found also to be great in mid range power as long as it is used smoothly. get it to the island and really enjoy it. Talk again!!
  10. Re: diablo

    Thanks mate. Great to hear you are enjoying it. They are a great bike to ride!

    I've compared it to a 2006 ZX10R back to back, and prefer the riding and power of mine - there is just endless useable power.

    I will be heading down to PI for 2 track days at the end of November, can't wait!

    Hopefully get to catch up on a rideout one day soon!

    And it's better to have the missus on your side & stealing your bike than against riding! My girl steals the R1 now and leaves her CBR250RR in the garage...what can you do? I like sex...

  11. Congrats I have the same type of set up on my r1 they are nimble as and you can wail on them. Be careful with the throttle if you came from a smaller bike, enjoy and stay safe.
  12. Yeah, I'm straight off a 250 - but quickly learnt to respect the throttle!

    Great to hear you are loving yours, they are a very nimble machine!
  13. If you keep the revs down for a while it will be a lot more forgiving but will still brake the back end free especially at larger lean angles. Good rubber is a must that is the one thing you don't want to skimp on! Have fun
  14. I have been keeping them down.

    Its got Pilot Powers at the minute, going to put on Continetial Road Attacks next though - heard they are brilliant & give awesome millage!
  15. I have the pilot powers on and the grip is really quite good, the profile is very aggressive so turn in is good, the conti's are a more rounded profile (I believe though I have never ridden on them). The new Pirelli (don't mind me I can't spell) dual compound tyres are supposed to be worth a look to.
  16. Great to hear mate!

    I was wondering how they turned out!
  17. Yeah, heard the Pirelli's are great!

    Will let everyone know when it comes time for a new set!