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ASBK Round 8 - Phillip Island 18/20 November

Discussion in 'VIC' started by JimmyD, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. The last round of the Australian Superbike Championship this year is at Phillip Island on the 18th to 20th of November.

    this round will not only include Superbike, Prostock, Supersport, Superstock and Superlight classes but also the last round of the Australian Supermoto Championship with both S1 and S2 classes on a Supermoto track and a Supermoto RR class on the main circuit.

    The round will also play host to the only round of the Australian Minimoto Championship, and a 2 day open Thumpercross Motocross event.

    I really hope the vic guys get behind this event and attend, its a great weekend to experience many different sorts of racing.

    See you there.
  2. you racing jimmy?

    looks like ill have the weekend free, might head down to try my luck with the camera again ;)

    are you able to ride round the outside of the circuit, or still walking round ala motogp style?
  3. yeah i'll be out there putting a few laps down.

    not sure about getting around the track actually, but i 'imagine' that you can ride around the outside like wsbk.

    i'll ask.
  4. ive heard you can do that at wsbk, ive never been though! :( would be real handy for getting round! :p

    keep in touch!
  5. yup .. ride in, ride around, just like the Supers,but with far less beer tents.
  6. if thats the case thats awesome, i'll have to bring a street bike as well so i can scoot around and watch the racing while i'm not out there..
  7. ah that would be good! i dont wanna walk around with my camera gear again :p
  8. Hang on what am I reading here (will be my first time attending) I dont park my bike outside the circuit?
  9. nope. should be able to take it most places around the circuit i think, there will probably be spots where people will park but the pits are all going to be open so people can walk around and look and ask questions.

    the 'thumpercross' event is going to be out near turn 10 in the big open area, so if you want to watch that you'll have to go and scoot around on your bike.
  10. Sounds awesome, thanks
  11. The Thumpercross is being held in the area between the Hay Shed, Turns 10, 11 & 12 and the Pit complex in an area not normally accessible by the public, you'll be able to see it from the pit straight up at the Turn 12 end.

    You should be able to drive/ride into the track and around the outside but not through the tunnel into the infield, you should be able to walk over the bridge and wander around the paddock area on foot though.
  12. not long now to go!!

    thumpercross layout has been announced. looks good.


    i suppose you'll just walk thru the pits to go watch the dirt bikes.
  13. That's normally a no go zone during events so we'll have to wait and see where people can stand and watch from for the Thumpercross events.
  14. i reckon they'll be allowed anywhere around the thumpercross track like normal for those events.

    i wish i was racing in that class it would be heaps of fun.

    now with IEG taking over the vic titles maybe this sort of round will become the norm for the vic titles.
  15. Bet ya they don't, you've got to remember the road course will be operating at the same time so unless they put up temporary fencing to keep spectators away from the track they're normally not allowed past the trailer parking area just out from the Medical Centre.

    We wait and see as it's only a little over a week away with the Symmons Plains round this weekend.
  16. id love to get some photos from the inside of the track, lol.
  17. getting closer and closer, lets hope the weather is kind!!
  18. Heading down Saturday.
    The weather not looking good then
    Phillip Island forecast

    Fri Late Shower 29C 17C
    Sat Rain 22C 17C
    Sun Possible Shower 19°C 13°C
  19. Don't think I have been to the island once in my life where it hasn't rained.
  20. well my bike is prepped and all i gotta do is pack and off i go for some racing on the weekend.

    cant wait.