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ASBK Round 2 - Darwin

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Rented, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    Thought I would share some photos - didn't take a whole lot today as I was too busy gawking, and what I did take was on a point and shoot camera so it's harder to get clear shots but there is a few.

    I have mainly got Luke doing his stuff on the Triumph and the Superstock/Superbike class practice sessions on the first turn off the hairpin.

    Will take more tomorrow - I should have got some 125/250 shots too!

    You'll have to check this out on photobucket as netrider's image conditions are too restrictive.

  2. Sweet pics mate!
  3. Worked ok for me.

    Nice pics! Makes me pine for home. :)
  4. My camera is still at the track so You'll have to wait til I getback to Melbourne and get them out of the camera to see if any are worth sharing.

    The first of your photo's actually has the ute I'm in in the photo......
  5. Wet ASBK Race 1

    175 large photos uploading now....slowly getting there - including wet race shots.

    Some of them are pretty good but being a point and click it was not the best, a lot of people down there had a proper lense and I would like to see their photos.

    I am biased but the best looking bike was by far the S1000RR so I did take a few shots of it :)
  6. I was working on the Fire/Rescue side of things for the Aussie Race Cars but was trackside for all on track events.

    I was parked at either Turn 1 or Turn 7 (the two fire/rescue utes swapped spots to give us a different view of the action).

    I took a few photo's with my basic point & shoot camera so they're not up to the standard of some contributors but you get what you pay for.





  7. My upload got interrupted so there is about 100 photos missing.

    Point and shoots can take decent photos but you need to know your way around all the settings (sometimes the presets are OK but I often fiddle).

    My camera allows an ISO 50 setting too which is helpful.

    Also - an app such as GIMP which is free that allows an unsharp mask filter to be applied can help :)

    The Aussie Race Cars are fantastic fun to watch!
  8. Preshrink your pic size before uploading, makes uploading a lot quicker and less chance of something going wrong during a real long upload session.
  9. Thanks, it is the first time I have used photobucket, so I've only just realised they resize them unless you pay. Wouldn't have been a problem but someone turned off our gateway PC after I asked 'em not to :( Oh well.

    When I get time I will resize and upload the rest, unfortunately I have long days for the first half of the week.

    Cheers for the tip.