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N/A | National AS1698 and tinted Visors

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Calculus, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. Hey all

    I was wondering if it is legal to wear a tinted visor that does not have a AS1698 sticker on it? I noticed that the AGV Clear visor had one on there but the tinted one said "Does not comply with AS1698, wear only during the day"

    Basically can I wear this visor at all? Do all of them have to have a AS1698 approval... I'm confused here.

  2. i know its not ILLEGAL as such, they wouldn't be able to sell them if that was the case. it may have a bearing on insurance i guess if you have a night time accident with a tinted visor and someone reports it :? but i'd think it would be hard to do anything about it because its perfectly legal to ride with an open face, who's to say you didn't have the visor up?
  3. Fraid not. There are zillions of things you can buy that are not legal for road use, eg tyres, carbon brakes, exhaust systems, braided lines...etc etc. As long as they state a disclaimer like "for racing use only" or "Not for road use", they can sell it quite legally. If not, there wouldn't be a single pocket bike in Australia. It is NOT legal to ride with a non AS visor. The chances of getting busted for it are probably slim to zero, but it is not legal.
  4. really? interesting one that is :LOL:

    i had someone explain to me that it IS legal, its just an insurance issue if you get have a dark accident :? made enuff sense to me

    i've just recently bought an iridium visor that said "not for night use" and nothing else. not much of a disclaimer really....
  5. Hate to sound Anal but AS1698 id for helmets, visors come under AS1609. If it is not marked with AS1609 then it would not be legal. The law is funny, it must comply if it is being used. I dont believe that you must have a visor fitted, as how else would open face helmets that dont have a visor be legal? So from my understanding if it is fitted and being used it must comply. If it says on "not for road use", "racing use only" or even "daylight use only" then I think you may find it hard to read the AS1609 printing :D

  6. Hey Coco, I don't think that even the gummint knows what is legal and what is not with any certainty. Until someone is actually charged, AND it's made to stick, it means jack anyway. I don't think I ever heard of anyone actually being charged with being in possesion of a dangerous visor.
  7. It is legal to ride with a non stickered after market over priced visor.
    Your helmet though must have the Aus stand sticker but not the visor.
  8. I must admit, for all the times I have been pulled over, never has my helmet ever been checked, let alone for compliance sticker. So the visor checking wouold have been slightly unlikely
  9. just to throw yet another opinion into the mix, i asked my instructor this when i did my P's a few months back and he said that it was legal (though obviously not recommended).
  10. I too believe it's legal ... I did see something yesterday from the NSW RTA website that mentioned the required AS1698 Helmet, and I believe they went on to say "preferrably" AS visor... giving me the feeling that it was not mandatory.
    My clear Shark RSF2 visor has the AS sticker, however my dark tinted (and preffered) visor is marked "For race use only".
  11. I have an HJC with a clear and a smoked visor. The smoked one has a sticker and the clear one, which the helmet came with, has not. Very perplexing.
  12. Or perspexing ;)
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  13. Not according to Vicroads.


    A helmet will save your life in most circumstances.

    * Riders and pillions must wear an approved helmet with a sticker showing the Australian Standard AS 1698. A face shield or visor must meet the Australian Standard AS 1609.
  14. Interestingly it says "must meet" - not must display a sticker.

    I wonder how they'd know if it met the standards. My suspicion is that as long as the helmet is OK the cop would assume that the visor was too.

  15. Not sure on that one. If the same law applies to visors as it does to helmet, and given THAT issue that we've been discussing, I would have thought that the visors had to be labeled with the appropriate standards mark.

    I can't access the SA website from home, so I can't look it up, although I understand that some of the lads do have copies of it. Also, I can't find the relevant road rules on Vicroads' website, other than a 110 page PDF full of pretty color graphics about how to turn at intersections.

    I wish that they'd have the entire set of rules and laws in an easy to find index. A search for "visor" or "helmet" only brought up that general comment that I posted earlier.
  16. I guess this also raises the issue as to the legality of wearing sunglasses instead of a visor.
  17. Wearing sunnies isn't illegal. This is an anomaly that others have commented on. That a visor, seemingly made of similar material, has to be shatterproof, etc., while there is no similar requirement for glasses, whether they be prescription or otherwise.

    Just looked at my AGV which I bought last year. Its visor, a standard AGV OEM, has no markings on it to reflect any SA compliance. Maybe it's automatically certified when its helmet is sold certified to AS1698. Same goes for its tinted visor. It only says "for daytime use only".
  18. Just chased it up further - it does appear (VicRoads are non-committal and not prepared to give a definite ruling) that in Victoria there's no need to have a sticker on the visor. If there is one apparently it's not supposed to be removed though :roll:

    The implicit assumption is that if the helmet is legal the visor is legal. BUT - the onus is on you to show the visor is legal. For clear visors they generally don't worry but for tinted visors it might be an issue.

    If there wasn't a sticker bit might be worth keeping the original packaging if it has an AS mark on it. I had a look in the local bike shop and some visors have a mark on the packet (they don't have many - it's a HD dealer :LOL: )

    I don't think it's an area that the powers that be have had a lot of questions about. They get a lot of helmet queries but very few about visors...

  19. Revisiting this as I just bought a visor.

    In NSW it's an offence to ride while not wearing an approved helmet, and 'approved' means the helmet meets AS1698 and has a sticker (road rule 270). Seems to me the only way an un-stickered visor could be illegal is if AS1698 imports the visor standard AS1609 into the helmet standard, and makes the visor part of the helmet. However I'm to cheap to pay $40 for a copy of the standard to read what it says*

    Anyway, I found some guidance in the RTA's Motorcycle Riders Handbook . Pages 24 & 25.

    Helmet Check List
    • Your helmet must be Australian standard As 1698 approved.
    • It must fit comfortably but not too tightly (avoid helmets that fit loosely).
    • It must have the chin strap fastened and properly tightened.
    Helmets should be:
    • Replaced after a crash or a significant impact.
    • Replaced if they become loose fitting, or the straps become worn.
    • Only cleaned with mild soapy water. some chemicals and cleaners may weaken
    the shell.

    Visor and goggle should:
    • be clean and not scratched.
    • be shatterproof (standard for helmet visors is Australian standards
    As 1609).
    • Have clear lenses for use at night.

    * as a matter of principal, if a law binds me I shouldn't have to pay a gatekeeper to find out what that law says
  20. Even if it isn't IAW the rules, strictly speaking, I can't imagine anyone actually getting booked for it unless they fail the "attitude test."

    Could always wear 1609 approved safety glasses under the tinted visor :angelic: