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as you all knew... i am an idiot.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. shoulda put this in off topic because it's about me being a moron. bikes involved though. every other time i've gone to close my top box, (or whatever that holes called under the pillion seat), i've needed to twist the lock again to close it. today, i threw my phone in, and my key slipped off. box closed.

    seeing peoples faces when i tell them i locked my keys in my bike..... well. yeah....
  2. Ben, you are a goose then arent you ? :LOL:

    What you going to do now..
  3. I did something similar in Chapel street once... the short story is had to catch a taxi back to get the spare key.

    You have a spare??

    Try a lock smith if you don't.
  4. He'll use his spare key.

    Everyone gets a spare key with a bike, even a secondhand one.

    Even if they don't, they always get a spare cut straight away. And if they don't they


    have a mate who can crack anything?

    Trevor G
  5. i took the spare off yesterday and i live 5 mins walk from work. locksmiths for bikes cost f'n heaps if you don't have a key to cut from. HEAPS..... lost the keys 2 days after having the bike. found em later on someones front doorstep but yeah............ my ignition is fiddly. for a while i thought one key was form the front, one was for the back... but they're not. brain, mouth, connected, not-so-much.
  6. sooo.... hypothetically.... theres this bloke i know who only has one key :grin:
    does he just go to a normal locksmith to get a spare cut?
    hypothetically :grin: :grin:
  7. it's a boot ;)

    after getting my bike fixed after crashing it, the mechanic put the rear fairing on, but didn't connect the keyhole to the locking mechanism... a few hours after i discovered this, i had the entire rear of the bike disassembled and the seat off... just be glad you can use a spare key or a lock smith ;)
  8. I had my spare key cut at the locksmith in Mountain Gate (next to the CBA bank) - from memory it was ~$8. However, his range of bike key blanks was limited.
  9. Nibor, get one cut already :) I got mine cut the day after the bike was in my name
  10. I had a friend lose his key at Phillip Is. when we were there for a motogp - fortunately he lived in Melbourne (I live in Sydney).

    His suggestion - I ride back to Melbourne, get his wife to find the spare, then ride back to PI with it while he sits in a cafe drinking latte's (it was raining surprise, surprise).

    The reality - I doubled him back to Melbourne, had a shower and got changed. Then we hopped into his WRX for the journey back to PI for his bike. His dilemna - should he let me drive his then near new WRX or ride his bike? I solved that by not taking my bike gear back to PI. He probably would have chosen to let me drive over riding anyhow - so I followed him bike in heated cocooned luxury while he battled the elements and darkness on his bike.

    Ever since, we both take a spare key when touring which we keep in an accessible place. :grin:
  11. gotta love reality
  12. for the first bike, i had the spare handed to me. that got written off and ive still got the spare :LOL: this 2nd bike, the bloke said he had only one key. this is suddenly a worry :shock:

    hmmm i better get one cut soon. i mean... hypothetically :p :grin:
  13. as far as motorcycles and temporary lapses of judgement go, you got off pretty painlessly, and without that awful sound of a fairing grinding along bitumen.

    so i'm laughing at you with a clear conscience. crazy kid
  14. On my old GPX250, the key used to come out from the ignition when it was running. A few days of owning it saw me lose the key somewhere around Mt Dandy.
    Luckily, I could use the kill switch to stop the motor running, but without a spare key ... so I took it to the locksmith in Boronia. He got me to park the bike inside the store (in the front window ... lol) and told me to come back in a few hours.
    $48 later and I had three new keys cut directly from the barrel.
  15. Unfortunately I feel your pain dude..but i am a bigger idiot

    So there i am just finished work and going over to my bike on friday afternoon happy that it is the weekend.. i put my hand in my pocket... and I find no keys..... sigh

    so if anyone has found/seen any keys lying around on the road on sussex st or market st please PM me lol :S
  16. That's just funny! :LOL:

    Happy Birthday dude. :grin:
  17. was that on the gs? if so that would have sucked with the grab handle screws being under the seat
  18. It took me 3 or 4 weeks to track down a Silca blank for my old RF900R.
    The cutting cost wasnt to bad.