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As time goes by - racing photos from the 80's

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Andy37, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. After seeing some of the brilliant photo's posted by Hornet600 of racing back in the 1970's I felt compelled to start sharing some of my collection from the NSW racing scene around the mid 1980's to early 1990's. (apologies for taking inspiration from Hornets thread title in naming this one). The photo's unfortunately stopped when I hung up the leathers and my pockets were no longer deep enough to support the racing bug.

    Sadly I was foolish enough not to keep all the racing programs so I have had trouble matching names to many of the photo's so feel free to correct me if I get any names, bikes or events wrong.

    Bathurst 1986:

    Michael Dowson Yamaha TZ250S

    Mal Campbell Honda RS500

    Iain Pero Honda VF750? and Geoff McNaughton Suzuki RG500

  2. Andy, you are welcome to add anything to "the way we were". Welcome to netrider, by the way.
  3. +1
    Just as long as we dont have to listen to Babara Striesand singing 'THAT' song :p
    Great photos Andy !!
  4. Just imagine Slim Dusty doing a rendition instead (yep, he's had a try at it aswell). :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Wow, look at the size of those knee, ah, I mean 'shin' sliders in the first pic :shock: :LOL:
  6. McNaughton did the quickest lap ever around Bathurst for an RG500 that weekend. When you consider the quality of the blokes who have ridden them there it was a great effort. Had he have been given the RS500 instead of Peter Radford he would have given Wally a real run for his money.

    Awesome photos by the way keep em coming.
  7. GREAT photos, Andy, I'm going to enjoy this thread a lot :applause: .
  8. Love the shots, keep em coming.
  9. You're certainly right that there had been some serious RG500 pilots in the years prior. Here are a couple more photo's from the same weekend:

    Peter Radford, (ex Dave Petersen ?) RS500

    Donnie Osborne, Honda RS250

    Graham Biggs and Jim Colligan, Ireson TZ750 ?
  10. Andy, you know you don't have to use external hosting for your pics? Below the "Message Body" box you type in is a link to "Add image to post", and you an just upload links direct from your local directory.
  11. Like this ?


    I personally like to see the full size (or resized) image displayed in the thread but if it's preferable to do it this way then I'm happy to oblige.
  12. I've never watched bikes at Bathurst and seeing the photos, it just struck me how fast the sidecars must've gone down Conrod!!!

    Surely it must have tested the resolve of the swingers?

    Does anyone have any idea of top speeds?

  13. I don't know about sidecars, although I'm guessing they may have been even a bit quicker than the bikes, but the two fastest speeds ever clocked down the old Conrod Straight was 184MPH by Bill Brown in the ex-Chris Amon P4 Ferrari sports car, and 186MPH by Ike Takai on a Yamaha OW-31 750cc race bike. Near the end of the Bathurst era the sidecars were using the same sorts of engines as this, and although they had to haul two people and a bit more bodywork, they were still frighteninly fast. When Rolf Biland came out with his first hub-centre steering outfit in the late seventies in Europe, he lapped Assen faster than a 500cc Grand Prix bike.

    Andy, I wasn't saying you HAD to use ImagePost, just that you didn't need to use external hosting if you didn't want to.....
  14. No worries Hornet. Being a new member, I just wasn't sure if it was an option or requirement when posting images.

    As far as sidecar speeds at Bathurst goes, I can't remember what they achieved but what does stick in my mind is a practice session in 1987 while working in our tent right up the back of the paddock. I could hear a 4 stroke engined bike making the distinctive sound of launching itself over the final hump (the year before the chase was built) and making a horrible sound on landing. This was happening lap after lap so I wandered over to see who it was and it was Andre Bosman and passenger Dave Kellett on one very rapid Suzuki outfit.

    It's well known that many 2 wheelers have done the same but it's my first recollection of a sidecar doing this. Needless to say, he must have been pulling some serious speed to get a 3 wheeler and 2 bodies off the ground.

    Andre Bosman went on to win both races by a huge margin over Doug Chivas (no mean feat !).
  15. Sidecars

    Rumour floating around the traps that a certain Mr A Bosman is making a return to the world of 3 wheels.
  16. Time to move on to a different year and event. Some of my favourite photos in the collection are from the first year of the World Superbike championships in 1988 with the Australian round being held at Oran Park. The day was dominated by the local riders namely Mick Doohan, Michael Dowson and Rob Phillis.

    Stephane Mertens on the stunning Bimota YB4 EI R:

    Rob Phillis Kawasaki GPX750:

    Fred Merkel Honda RC30:
  17. Andy 37, You mentioned working form a tent in the top left hand of the pits at Bathurst in 1987.
    Was it an 18' x 30' blue canvas marquee, two centre poles, with red and white fringing?
  18. Very close but unfortunately not us. We had a much more anonymous army green canvas tent about the same size as you described but it was probably closer to the centre of the row on the back fence......or was that 1988 ?!?!?. What I do remember was that it didn't take long to walk over to see the bikes on the approach to Murrays Corner.

    Sounds like you have a better memory than me !
  19. Andy, I'm loving your photos. It's marvellous what the passage of years and camera technology (and, of course, a good snapper behind the camera) can do for racing photography (compared to my stuff :oops:) Keep 'em coming please :).
  20. Your not wrong there with the camera technology !

    The old 35mm SLR camera's cost a packet, the telephoto lenses were bulky and even more expensive than the camera body and I'd have to be selective with the shots as I had to limit myself to only a couple of rolls of film each weekend due to the processing costs. Now with much more affordable digital technolgy I can easily snap over 200 shots in a single day for virtually no cost.

    Happy to oblige with more photo's. Here are some more from the 1988 World Superbike championships:

    Davide Tardozzi (current Ducati WSB team manager) Bimota YB4 EI R:

    Len Willing Yamaha FZR750 and Terry Rymer Honda RC30:

    Rob Phillis Kawasaki GPX750 and Mick Doohan FZR750:
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