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As Pauline would say.. "Please explain!"

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justus, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Man admits unprovoked bashing death, walks free

    By Amanda Watt
    April 02, 2007 01:00am

    THE fact that a youth who admitted to fatally bashing a stranger in an unprovoked
    attack was acquitted of murder and manslaughter made a mockery of the community's
    outrage about city violence, the victim's family said.

    Jonathon James Little, 21, of Zillmere in Brisbane's north walked free from the Brisbane
    Supreme Court on Friday night after beating a murder case brought by police over the
    death of David Stevens, 26.

    Stevens was walking down Brunswick Street Mall in Fortitude Valley in the early hours of
    December 4, 2005, when he was punched in the head by Little then kicked between the
    head and shoulder as he lay on the ground. He suffered swelling and bleeding in his brain
    and died two days later.

    Little fled the scene but was picked up by police half an hour later.

    In taped interviews, he said he was angry while arguing with his girlfriend on his mobile
    phone when Stevens said "some smart arse alec thing".

    Little could not recall details about the remark but he said it caused him to snap. He
    admitted Stevens had not raised his hands or threatened him.

    "I was just in the mood, he chose the wrong person at the wrong moment," Little told police.

    In her instructions to the jurors, Justice Anthe Philippides said they had to acquit Little of
    both murder and manslaughter if they believed Little and an ordinary person in his position
    could not have predicted death as an outcome of his actions. That is, if they believed it was
    an "accident".

    The jury acquitted Little on both charges.

    Stevens's family is still struggling to come to terms with the result.

    "Every weekend we hear of violent crimes and bashings on the news and we all complain about
    violence on our streets but how can we make our streets safer when our legal system allows
    these offenders to walk free,"
    Stevens's older sister Tania said

    "This cannot be allowed to happen again because then we as a society are saying it is OK to
    punch and kick total strangers on the streets and cause their death."

    Little's first trial was aborted after a jury member was allegedly overheard on a train saying
    they were going to "hang him from the gallows".

  2. Sounds like the first jury had the right idea!
  3. For the life of me I can't understand why they didn't follow through with it. :?

    fcuk the crap about being able to predict death as a likely outcome of his actions. People that kick strangers in the head on the streets without a good reason have no place in society.
  4. The prosecutors will appeal that one, don't worry.
  5. They'd better... I'm paying their wages so they'd farking well BETTER!!

    "Oh sorry, I got angry when I read about the aquittal..."

    "I didn't mean to punch the Attorney Generals head in.... I didn't think it would kill him, just the wrong Pollie in the wrong ministry at the time."

    "Besides, they're all brain dead, didn't think I could do anymore damage"

    I get worried and angry about the sort of society my daughter will be living in when I read that stuff. They destroy dogs for biting humans, and they're supposed to be less intelligent.
  6. that Judge, and that Jury disgust me. I feel for the family that must nearly be mindless at this outcome.

    I couldn't blame a family member exacting an eye for an eye in this case.
  7. Isn't what that little bastard did the DEFINITION of manslaughter??? :shock:

    Even if he did walk from court, how the hell is he not on probation, counselling for violence/alcohol, suspended sentence for assault, etc?!

    Nuts. belongs in prison.
    Because I think it would be in the spirit of the law to let the community know that "no, it's not ok to hit people in the head and then kick them while they're on the ground - they might die - and we don't really care if you had an argument with your girlfriend and was 'really angry' at the time. Enjoy prison; here's your orange jumpsuit and lube. Sorry you failed at life."
  8. I can understand how it would be possible to acquit for murder, but manslaughter is hard to see. It must have hinged on a definition the judge gave the jury.

    Defiantly grounds for appeal.
  9. absolutely discgraceful.
    That Judge and Jury must all be idiots.
    manslaughter at least... I mean come ON!
    I bet that dudes lawyer just increased all his future fees by 50% after that win :evil:
  10. That has to be a joke!!! :evil:
  11. That would generally be my take as well... I think murder could be possible, but manslaughter is inevitable (From my understanding of the charge)

    He has admitted being angry and intentionally causing harm this resulting in death…
    That is pretty much my understanding of the definition of manslaughter
  12. As far as I know, manslaughter was intent to harm which resulted in accidental death.

    I just cant understand how a judge would let someone back on the streets who has stated they intended to purposely hurt someone, who then died as a result. I mean you have to really kick the sh!t out of someone to kill them.
  13. so shouldn't he get sentenced for agravated assault and cop tome sort of jail time at the very least?
  14. Surely has to be manslughter, doesn't it?
  15. Come on guys, it's clear we don't have the whole story! He probably had a depraved childhood, parents drank, society is against him (insert Liberal catchprhase here).
    I think that judge should be sacked. I could not live with myself is I was on that jury, there is NO WAY I could have agreed with such a verdict. I would have walked out in disgust, bugger the fine.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. A perfect example of why Police including myself have given up on the judicial system, and pursued other employment ventures.

    I left the job recently and have no regrets.
  17. This guy gets to hit someone, kill them and then get off scott free...

    Who does he think he is? Some sort of casino bouncer?!?!?!?

    /too soon? :p
  18. Well you would know more than anyone here the state of affairs.

    In regards to the OP, I find it hard to lay blame on the jury, even
    though they make the decision because they are only acting on
    directions of law etc put to them by the Judge.

    Am I wrong in thinking this way or not?

    Congratulations. :LOL: :p

    Get into P.I/security consultantcy/personal protection related fields?

    Probably more money & you'd be sought after given your previous
    occupation Tweet.

    or will move into serving burgers like someone else I know in your
    shoes (well not exactly. The Commissioner forced him out).

  19. No you don't. He died from bleeding on the brain. I had brain bleeding from a chair to the head recently. Didn't worry me too much but the copper thought I was going to die because it is a really common occurence from not much effort. (ie drunk dude hit in the face falls over hits haed on ground *bang* dead).

    maybe i can understand the non-murder/manslaughter verdict but should't he get wrongful (insert phrase here) causing death??
  20. its a shame the person who overheard that comment didnt have the right frame of mind.

    im sure the guy didnt mean to kill and would have acted differently if he had known but you MUST THINK OF THE VICTIM WHEN deliberating.